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The Career Center, University of Bremen

Preparing students for their entry into the real world of business and work, “beyond the ivory tower”, as some put it, has been defined as the major and foremost task of the Career Center. The Career Center works as a joint enterprise of university staff and the Federal Labour Agency. Often described as an interface between science and the corporate world, the Career Center has been offering students stepping stones from theory into practice for almost two decades now. A wide range of support services enable students to make their ways into the world of work, where they apply in practice what they have learned during their studies. Work experience periods during their time as students, as well as the entry into professional life after finishing university are the Career Center’s two major objectives.

To qualify students for this, Career Center staff together with external instructors train students in areas such as “how to present oneself and apply for jobs”, “international work experience options, and how to identify them”, “intercultural orientation”, “self-assessment techniques”, “introduction into new IT products and software”, or “basic business knowledge for everybody”. These and other courses and seminars offered on a regular basis, as well as personal counselling and advice, complement our students’ scientific education and partly even carry credits in the general studies area. This is why you can expect students and graduates from the University of Bremen, together with their excellent scientific skills, to approach your company or organisation with a broad working life related knowledge base and a good command of the so-called “soft skills” – they are ready to face the challenges of real work and very eager to make the most out of it: very employable and overall extremely well-qualified young people.

Over the years, many employers have found that the Career Center’s activities actually help them to find the right people at the right time. They advertise their needs in the online matching platform that is part of the services offered at the University of Bremen, through the Career Center. This service is run in co-operation with a nationwide professional network focussing especially on young academics. Offers for graduates, assistants, postgraduates, interns, working students, student assistants as well as vacation / part-time jobs and student research projects can be published in our Online Job Fair: Employers’ gateway

Also, students looking for temporary or long-term work opportunities enter their data here, making the platform a useful tool for employers to select suitable candidates:  Job Seekers’ gateway

Should you be interested in exploiting the possibilities this unique database offers, please contact us, and we will help you getting started and answer any questions you may have. The Career Center is there for you and always happy to support and enhance the matching process between companies of any size and skilled students from Bremen.