Digital Teaching and Learning via Online Courses

Planning, implementation, assessment and maintenance of digital teaching offers

Our offer

With a focus on video-based courses, our Digital Teaching Offers area of competence is responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining central digital courses at the University of Bremen. The focus here is on the design of eGeneral Studies as well as the coordination of the online teaching offerings of the Virtual Academy of Sustainablity (VAS). In addition to virtualization (pure online formats) or digital integration of teaching content (blended learning, inverted classroom), the department is also responsible for the conception and implementation of e-assessment for the courses it supervises. The majority of offerings are produced as Open Educational Resources (OER) and provided with a Creative Commons license.

The offer is aimed at all teachers and institutions of the University of Bremen who want to implement their teaching digitally and would like to do so in the area of eGeneral Studies or VAS. We link all areas of competence in the ZMML that are necessary for the creation (planning, production, provision) of digital teaching offers:

Feel free to contact us if you are planning projects in the field of digital teaching. We will be happy to advise and support you.

Scope of services

  • Consulting and support in planning digital teaching offers with focus on video-based courses
  • Production and provision of digital teaching offers
    • Recording in the studio
    • Recording of further learning video formats
    • Provision of the produced teaching content for review and permanently as a teaching offer
  • Development and implementation of accompanying e-assessment
    • Provision of various formats of learning success checks
    • Implementation of questionnaires for online exams and e-exams
  • Inclusion of the digital teaching offer in the quality management processes of the ZMML and, if necessary, consulting for updating teaching content
    • Automated QM system with integrated cycles for checking up-to-dateness with regard to technology and assessment
    • Information to verify content currency with respect to university QM criteria.
  • eGeneral Studies: Planning, organization, and delivery of courses, including exam delivery and student support
  • Virtual Academy of Sustainability: Planning, organization and implementation of basic courses on the topic of sustainability, including examination implementation and student support.
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