Media didactics

Media didactic consultation, qualificationand support

Our offer

The offer is directed at all teachers at the University of Bremen. They are consultaed, supported and qualified in the use of digital media in face-to-face or online teaching. Adapted to your personal goals and your teaching format, all e-learning services of the ZMML are taken into account and ideally combined in the context of a integrated media-didactic approach.

At digital teaching you will find tips on the design of digital teaching and a decision-making tool to help you choose the right setting and tools for your course.
For students, we offer the blog Studytools - Tools and Tips for digital-supported studies at the University of Bremen with resources, tools and materials from the University of Bremen and other institutions that can be useful during your studies (and beyond).

Scope of services

  • Qualification, consulting and support in media-didactic and media-technical questions - individually and tailored to your needs
  • Individual training, coaching and workshops on the use of digital media in teaching, including
    • Basic and advanced courses on the use of the Stud.IP learning platform (and Ilias assessments and learning modules
    • Introductory courses on exam didactics and question creation for e-assessments
    • Introductory courses on media production, including the creation of screencasts and podcasts, and video and audio productions.
    • Legal issues in e-learning
    • Using blogs in teaching
    • Digitalisation of courses
    • Activating didactic methods for classroom teaching with Audience response systems (e.g. ArsNova)
  • Information workshops for faculities, study programmes, committees or teams on the above-mentioned topics
  • Small project funding for didactic e-learning scenarios (Win-a-Tutor)

Further information

  • Extensive information portal on all e-learning topics (only in german language)
  • Hochschulforum Digitalisierung: Joint initiative of the Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany and the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development. The HFD is responsible for numerous activities, events and publications on the topic of digitisation in teaching.
  • wb-web-Dossier E-Learning: The dossier deals in a clear and compact way with basic principles in the implementation of learning offers in electronic form (only in german language)
  • Lehre Laden: The download centre for inspiring teaching (only in german language)
  • L3T: Textbook for Learning and Teaching with Technologies" (edited by Martin Ebner and Sandra Schön). L3T is a project of bims eV, Bad Reichenhall (only in german language)
  • The higher education didactics information portal for teachers. Numerous didactic tips, published by the University Didactics Office of TU Darmstadt. (only in german language)
  • Qualifizierungsspecial learning e-learning: 6 freely accessible course units on collaborative learning scenarios, constructive alignment, blended learning in large groups, designing videos for teaching and learning, activating students and digital literacy. (only in german language)