Media Services

Filmstudio des ZMML

Our offer

The offer is directed at all members of the University of Bremen, especially teachers. The Media Services enable the production, administration, long-term archiving and publication of video-based teaching and learning materials. For this purpose, the necessary technical infrastructure such as video platform, streaming server, film studio and mobile camera equipment is provided. Examples of video-based application scenarios are lecture recordings (Mobile Lecture), online courses (e.g. eGeneral Studies), MOOCs and blended learning (z.B. als Inverted Classroom).

Scope of services

  • Consulting and support
  • Live recordings of lectures
  • Live recordings of conferences and meetings
  • Video streaming
  • Video production in film studio
  • Film and video editing
  • Creation of image films
  • Provision and maintenance of a video portal
  • Video and web conferencing
Alexander Hillmann
Dirk Vaihinger
Michael Schwenk