Other digital tools


With the help of UniBremenlogs (UBlogs) all members of the University of Bremen can create dynamic web pages alone or together.



H5P is a plug-in (UBlogs, EduWorkBuilder in Stud.IP) that offers a wide range of possibilities for creating multimedia and interactive modules. These can be used, for example, for visualisations, self-learning modules or as an interactive learning environment. H5P modules can be released and are thus well suited for sharing media products of all kinds, in the sense of Open Educational Resources.


Projektmanagement mit Wekan

Wekan is the open source variant of the rather well-known tool Trello and works according to the Kanban principle (= card/board), i.e. tasks, notes and ideas are managed centrally and collaboratively on cards. Trello boards can be imported.
The ZfN provides Wekan in test mode (can be found in the ZfN Onlinetools => Test mode: Wekan) or directly via wekan.zfn.uni-bremen.de (log in with your university account).

YouTube Tutorial: Quick Look - Wekan for Project Management or from a student perspective from our Studytools Blog  "Wekan – ein Kanban für deine Projekte"


E-portfolio P:ier (A service of the ZfLB)

P:ier was set up as part of a project of the Centre for Teacher Education and Educational Research (ZfLB) with the e-portfolio software Mahara (open source) in 2016 for all teacher training courses. In the digital summer semester 2020, the ZfLB offers that P:ier can also be used by non-teaching students. Advice and support are provided by the ZfLB.
 The e-portfolio system offers students a digital collection folder in which they can store media-diverse artefacts and worked assignments from their studies. A selection of processed tasks and artefacts can be presented on views as portfolios and released for others to discuss or submitted as examination performance. Lecturers can manage the submitted portfolios via event groups and return them with comments. P:ier is intended to be used by students, especially across semesters.

Project Website | Platform | Contact

BOOC - Blended Open Online Courses

The project BOOC - Blended Open Online Courses is a digital study offer of the ZfLB on empirical methods and methodologies in the research field of school, teaching development and education, which is specifically oriented towards the needs of teachers education. As an interdisciplinary and digital interface for research-based studies, BOOC offers multimedia, interactive and collaborative teaching-learning scenarios and combines face-to-face and online-supported teaching in blended learning concepts. BOOC can be integrated flexibly in the sense of inverted classroom formats into the subject didactic and educational science classroom teaching and anchored curricularly.

Project page BOOC | BOOC


Conceptboard - Whiteboard zur Onlinekollaboration

The Referat 13 Teaching and Learning still offers the possibility to test the software Conceptboard free of charge in the winter semester 2022/2023. The licenses are limited and can be obtained from Franziska Richter (frichterprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) by specifying the event title, expected number of participants, and a short description of the collaborative teaching/learning scenario (max. 300 characters).

The online whiteboard offers a large selection of templates, imports of various file formats, a live cursor with display of the respective user name.  Conceptboard is suitable for simple brainstorming, but also for more sophisticated design work due to the extensive import and editing options.