navigare - Career Coaching for International Women in Science

Planning a scientific career in an international context

International women* scientists contribute greatly to the diversity of the academic landscape. While imparting new knowledge, methods, learning and teaching styles, they develop role-models for next generations. Reaching a professorshop or leadership position in academia one day, they are able to establish excellent research capacities and foster long-lasting collaborations to benefit science.

Intensive research and teaching, collaborating with international partners from different disciplines, a vivid, flexible and cross-cultural working environment are important motivations for a scientific career. At the same time, working in an (foreign) academic system leads to many challenges. These include different (gender) role-expectations, intercultural relations, understanding of career perspectives, and structural differences in the higher education system. Expectations of high mobility while reconciling job and family increase demands of pursuing an international career in scientific environments.

Furthermore, outstanding scientific qualifications alone are often not sufficient to pursue a career in academia successfully. Networks and informal support still play a crucial role, yet they are not available for everyone in the same way.

navigare focuses on challenges and informal obstacles that especially women might face in international working environments . With a group of peers from various faculties and research groups, you will acquire strategies to develop your career in academia actively . During the one-year program, you will have the opportunity to build the basis for a strong network for mutual exchange and support with your fellow participants.


Dr. Christine Kohistani is advisor, trainer, coach (DGfC) and partner of SAMINWORLD in Düsseldorf. She has a great deal of working experience in industry and cross-cultural project management in science.

Participation Information

The program is designed as an on-site training. If necessary due to covid-19 restrictions, all workshops can be offered online. 

All on site workshops will be held in barrier free seminar rooms at the »House of Science« (Haus der Wissenschaft) in the city centre.

We offer a refund of costs for childcare in workshop hours that aren't covered by day care (KiTa) or school through the KLEX program of the University of Bremen. Please contact Dr. Lisa Spanka, program coordinator, in advance of each workshop, in which you want to make use of this offer.

Entrance requirements

To participate in the navigare program, we ask you to engage in the program with:

  • the commitment to develop your career in academia
  • high motivation to learn within a group of peers
  • serious willingness to reflect on gender biases in science
  • sufficient time resources for binding participation
  • to receive a navigare certificate, you need to attended at least 75% of the workshops.

Application procedure

The next navigare program will start on March 21, 2023 with a half-day online workshop for information and orientation.

To apply:

  1. Clarify with the coordinator / manager of your research group, network or graduate school whether the costs for your participation can be covered.
  2. Apply for participation in the half-day information workshop via the MAPEX and MARUM websites or via your program coordinator until March 3, 2023.
  3. Attend the half-day information workshop on March 21, 2023 to learn more about the aims and topics addressed in the navigare program. You will have the chance to meet the trainer as well as other PhDs and post docs interested in the program.
  4. To participate bindingly in the program, apply until March 31, 2023 by contacting Dr. Lisa Spanka (lisa.spankaprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).


* navigare was designed in the idea of promoting women in science and research in 2015. We understand woman as a gendered identity position that comprises a variety of experiences and life plans. Knowing about the struggles of trans*, inter* and non-binary persons in science, we would like to make the program accessible to as many interested people as possible. Anyone who identify themselves, are defined or seen as a woman as well as persons who identify themselves as trans*, inter* and non-binary who can locate themselves in this context are welcome to apply for participation.


Dr. Lisa Spanka

E-Mail: lisa.spankaprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone.: (0421) 218 - 60186
Building: Unicom 2, Haus Oxford
Room: 2.0120


If you require childcare during your participation at the workshops, please contact Dr. Lisa Spanka, program director.