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Listening - The podcasts

In our interview series, 10 founders and beneficiaries talk about what it's like to support and be supported.

The founders take you once again on the exciting journey of their decision-making process through to the actual establishment of their foundation. They talk about the vision they associate with their foundation and reveal what they themselves receive in return.

    "The touching thing about donating is that you give money away and become richer."

The beneficiaries of the University of Bremen Foundation talk about their motivation as researchers. They provide information about the impact the funding of their projects had on their professional qualifications and reflect on whether the opportunities they received through the funding have had a lasting effect on them as people.

They all have one mission: to make the world a better place together.


Portrait von Prof. Dr. Helga Grubitzsch

Helga Grubitzsch

Helga Grubitzsch enjoys helping others to express themselves. Today, the retired professor of French and general literature gives writing coaching sessions and advises people in change processes. The advancement of women and girls is an important concern for her - also due to her own experiences. In 2018, she decided to organise her affairs and set up a foundation in her will. The aim is to provide scholarships to motivate refugee girls to study and support them at university. In our 10th podcast, Bettina Duske talks to Helga Grubitzsch about how she came up with the idea of setting up a foundation in her will and what she wants to achieve with it.

Sinnstifter | Episode 10: Prof. Dr. Helga Grubitzsch

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Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler

Rolf Drechsler

He is curious about everything that comes his way. No wonder he is interested in as many topics as he is involved in. Rolf Drechsler is a professor of computer science, a successful academic and has been awarded the Berninghausen Prize for his excellent teaching. He is a founding donor, sponsor of the Germany Scholarship and comic author. This year, he has taken over the scientific coordination of the 33rd Bremen University Talks. The topic: data science. Bettina Duske spoke to Rolf Drechsler about his commitment and the importance of digitalisation for us all.

Sinnstifter | Episode 09: Rolf Drechsler

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Ing. h.c. Heinz-Otto Peitgen sitzt auf einem roten Dickenson Chai

Heinz-Otto Peitgen

In the beginning, Prof Heinz-Otto Peitgen wanted nothing more than to leave Bremen. In our 8th Sinnstifter podcast, the successful scientist and founder of Fraunhofer Mevis for imaging diagnostics explains why he stayed and how he became a Bremen native after all. Bettina Duske talks to Heinz-Otto Peitgen about his mission to pass on his passion for maths to the next generation and why he and his wife Karin set up their own foundation in 2015.

[Karin und Heinz-Otto Peitgen-Stiftung]

Sinnstifter | Heinz-Otto Peitgen

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Silvia Jürgens

Sylvia Jürgens

Sylvia Jürgens, born in Bremen in 1994, studied digital media at the University of Bremen. She is currently training to become a horse farmer. Her parents founded the Iris and Hartmut Jürgens Foundation - Chance for a New Life in 2015. Sylvia Jürgens works as a volunteer on the board of trustees together with her mother, her brother Jan-Patrick and her sister-in-law Stefanie.

Jürgens Stiftung
Blinden wieder Seheindrücke ermöglichen



Sinnstifter | Episode 06: Sylvia Jürgens

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Axel Schubert sitzt in einem roten Dickinson Chairvor.

Axel Schubert

Axel Schubert was born in Bremen in 1947. After graduating from Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium, he went to sea with Norddeutscher Lloyd AG. After studying law and passing his exams in Freiburg and Hamburg, he initially worked in auditing and then for Hamburgische Landesbank before becoming Managing Director of the Bremen Stock Exchange in 1979. In 2007, the non-profit Bremer Wertpapierbörse Foundation was established, of which he has been a member of the board ever since. Axel Schubert is married and has three children.

Sinnstifter | Episode 05: Axel Schubert

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Dr. Cordula Weissköppel auf dem unitypischen roten Stuhl in der Leselounge der Bibliothek

Dr. Cordula Weißköppel

PD Dr Cordula Weißköppel was born in Hanover in 1967 and studied ethnology and education in Hamburg. After completing her doctorate at a graduate college in Osnabrück, she worked in a special research area in Bayreuth on globalisation from the perspective of African societies. Cordula Weißköppel has been working at the Institute for Ethnology and Cultural Studies at the University of Bremen since 2003. She specialises in migration and diaspora research.

Sinnstifter | Episode 04: Dr. Cordula Weißköppel

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Manfred Fluss steht hinter einem der Uni-typischen roten Stühle

Manfred Fluß

Manfred Fluß, born in Forst in Lausitz in 1943, came to Bremen in 1946. He studied in Freiburg and Hamburg, graduating with a degree in mathematics and a second state examination in mathematics and physics. From 1971 to 1999 he was a member of the Bremen Parliament, from 1974 to 1991 spokesman for the Science and Art Deputation and in 1994/95 Finance Senator. Manfred Fluß now runs a shipping company. He is married and has two children. In 2015, he founded the Manfred and Ursula Fluß Foundation together with his wife. Manfred Fluß has been an honorary citizen of the University of Bremen since 2019.
Manfred und Ursula Fluß-Stiftung

Sinnstifter | Episode 03: Manfred Fluß

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Charline Wolff sitzt bei Sonnenschein im einem roten Dickinson Chair im Campuspark.

Charline Wolff

Charline Wolff, born on 10 September 1993 in Celle, studied biology at the University of Bremen after training as a bank clerk. Her Bachelor's thesis "Distribution of Microplastic Particles in Coral Reef Sediments of Koh Phangan, Thailand, and its Potential Effects on Meiofauna" was funded by the KELLNER & STOLL - STIFTUNG FÜR KLIMA UND UMWELT. She is currently working on her final thesis in the International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology (ISATEC) master's programme. Charline Wolff has been a Germany Scholarship holder since 2019. Das Deutschlandstipendium der Universität Bremen

Sinnstifter | Episode 02: Charline Wolff

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Dr. Rita Kellner-Stoll steht auf einem Dickinson Chair neben ihrem Apfelbaum am VWG

Dr. Rita Kellner-Stoll

Dr Rita Kellner-Stoll, born in Bremen in 1952, worked for many years in adult education, most recently as director of the Hessian Adult Education Association in Frankfurt. She then returned to Bremen to take up a position in the environmental department, where she ultimately worked for twenty years as head of department. Together with her husband, she founded KELLNER & STOLL - STIFTUNG FÜR KLIMA UND UMWELT in 2012 as the first trust foundation under the umbrella of the University of Bremen Foundation. Rita Kellner-Stoll is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University Foundation appointed by the Senate.

Sinnstifter | Episode 01: Dr. Rita Kellner-Stoll

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Der Vorstand der Stiftung der Universität Bremen auf den uni-typischen roten Stühlen vor dem VWG.

The Executive Board

The new Executive Board of the University of Bremen Foundation has only been in office for a few weeks and has big plans: Today sees the launch of MACHT SINN. Donate, create knowledge. The project to mark the 50th anniversary of the University of Bremen aims to bring donations and funding to life with podcasts, online, a book and events in autumn.

In the premiere of the Sinnstifter podcasts, Bettina Duske talks to Frauke Meyer, Dr Helga Trüpel and Dr Jens-Uwe Nölle about what the University Foundation is doing for Bremen, how Bremen residents can become Sinnstifter and other plans. From 2 June, there will be a new Sinnstifter podcast every fortnight on Wednesdays via the university's social media channels or at Here, 10 Sinnstifter:innen will talk about their experiences of donating, supporting and researching.

Under the motto "Become a Sinnstifter:in today and create knowledge for tomorrow", everyone is invited to become a donor and help decide on the projects to be funded at a public awards meeting in November.

The Executive Board

Sinnstifter | Episode 00: Der Vorstand

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