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Promote clever minds - with the Deutschlandstipendium

With the introduction of the Deutschlandstipendium in 2012, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) established a new scholarship culture in Germany: Gifted and committed young people receive targeted financial support during their studies. The unique feature is that the grants amounting to 300 euro per month are funded in equal parts by the federal government and by private sponsors, foundations and companies. Every private donation is therefore doubled by the federal government. The University of Bremen has been participating in this program since its introduction – in the interest of its students and the future capability of the state of Bremen.

The University of Bremen Foundation

What the future will eventually look like is also in your hands. Perhaps you have sometimes asked yourself how you can personally contribute as a private person or with your company to finding solutions to the challenges of our times and help give young people a better future. The motives for entering into a commitment to the University of Bremen Foundation are as diverse as the benefactors themselves. However, one thing connects us all: The idea that knowledge moves the world.

Alumni Sommerfes

Alumni - Stay in touch!

As a former student, doctoral candidate or former employee of the University of Bremen, you have spent what was certainly a formative part of your life at our institution. We would be happy to know that you continue to accompany us with critical interest. The interdisciplinary association “Alumni of the University of Bremen e.V.” was established to foster this contact. The association and its members are committed to the University, its many graduates and former employees. This is how you keep in touch with your University roots.

A Trust Foundation – your own foundation

You would like to set up a foundation that bears your name and permanently promotes a specific area of ​​research. Then a trust foundation under the umbrella of the University of Bremen Foundation is just the right thing for you. The setting-up and administration of such a (legally dependent) foundation is straightforward and safe. The umbrella foundation takes over the administration of your foundation and the investment of the foundation's assets. This minimizes administrative costs, so that the proceeds benefit the purpose of the foundation. You and / or a board of trustees of your choice determine which projects are funded.

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Cooperation ventures with business

Universities are important factors for economic and social development. This is where innovations and important impulses for society emerge. They are, moreover, important training facilities for the young academics needed in business and society.

The University of Bremen, the largest university in north-western Germany and a widely recognized research university, covers a wide range of teaching and research in its 12 subject areas. More information in German

Endowed Chairs

Do you attach personal interest to a specific area of research? Would you like to generate sweeping impulses in research and promote the targeted education of students? Join us in exploring new fields of research and promoting the establishment of a new professorship at the University of Bremen. The professorship will be named after you.

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