European Union Continues to Support University Alliance YUFE

The European YUFE Alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) will continue to receive funding from the EU. This was decided by the European Commission on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.

The consortium, in which the University of Bremen is involved as a partner university, is one of the most successful of the European university alliances. 14.4 million euros will flow into the YUFE project across Europe over the next four years.

The European university alliance YUFE is one of the university networks that received the highest marks from the EU. More than 50 proposals were submitted by 350 higher education institutions.

"We are very proud that the YUFE model of a young, student-centered, open and inclusive European university has established itself as a pioneer and role model for European education," says Professor Rianne Letschert, chair of the YUFE Alliance and president of Maastricht University, which coordinates the network. "We are determined to help shape the future of higher education and will continue to launch concrete programs for our community of European students, researchers, innovators, citizens:ing and professionals.

The goal: Strengthening the common European identity

Science Senator Dr. Claudia Schilling comments: "The European University Network YUFE has made an impressive development since its foundation. Therefore, I never had any doubt that the network will successfully master the evaluation of the first project phase. Consequently, the EU Commission has now decided to continue funding from the Erasmus+ program. I am very pleased about this. YUFE stands for Europe growing together, for European values, for diversity and equal opportunities, for climate protection and sustainability, and for scientific excellence in research and teaching."

The Rector of the University of Bremen, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter says: "I am very pleased with the EU Commission's decision to continue funding the YUFE Alliance. We have used the first three years to lay the foundations for the emergence of a European university. Now we are moving into the next stage to realize our vision of a European university step by step. Our goal is to strengthen our common identity and contribute to the cohesion of a European society."

In the summer of 2019, the YUFE Alliance was already successful in the EU Commission's pilot call for proposals and has received five million euros in funding over the past three years. In the second phase of funding until 2026, the partner universities will now focus on deepening and developing the activities and services that have been designed so far.

Dr. Daniela Trani, Director of the YUFE Alliance at Maastricht University, emphasized, "This new funding from the European Commission will boost the YUFE Alliance and allow us to take another big step in our pioneering work of transforming our dream of a true European university into an institutional reality that transcends borders, cultures, disciplines and sectors. We are grateful for the commitment of all our partners and appreciate the efforts of all students and staff who show every day that they believe in our shared European vision."

About YUFE

The YUFE network already offers students the opportunity to take academic courses at their respective partner universities in pilot projects. It also offers language courses, tandems, cafés, professional and social skills training, civic engagement activities, physical, virtual and blended mobility opportunities, international internships and support for entrepreneurial initiatives. The alliance also offers exchange and training opportunities for employees from science, administration and technology. For example, the first YUFE post-doc positions have already been awarded. In addition, there are offers for events and further education for all university employees. YUFE also aims to network the respective cities and regions and to promote cooperation and exchange.

The YUFE partners for the second funding phase 2022 are:
- Maastricht University (leadership) - Netherlands
- Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torún - Poland
- Carlos III University of Madrid - Spain
- University of Antwerp - Belgium
- University of Bremen - Germany
- University of Cyprus - Cyprus
- University of Eastern Finland
- University of Essex - UK
- The University of Rijeka - Croatia
- The Adecco Group France
- The Educational Testing Service Global

Further information:

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Dr. Sarah Wilewski
Overall Coordination YUFE
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