Apply now for the YUFE Postdoc Program

Following a successful first round, we are now accepting applications for three-year YUFE postdoc positions at eight of our YUFE institutions within our YUFE Postdoc Program. This year’s focus area is "Citizens' Wellbeing". Deadline for applications is December 10, 2021.

At YUFE we provide early career researchers with excellent research conditions, dedicated mentoring and the opportunity to co-create one of the first European Universities. Unique networking events and mobility schemes across YUFE and career development opportunities within YUFE and beyond are also at the center of the YUFE Postdoc Program.

The postdoc positions are open to promising early career researchers holding a PhD. The program is targeted at researchers from the Health Science, Information Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Life Science and/or any other relevant field relating to the focus theme “Citizens’ Wellbeing”.


Enkhsaruul Brito
Coordinator of the YUFE Staff Journey
University of Bremen
email: enkhsaruul.britoprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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Jetzt für das YUFE-Postdoc-Programm bewerben
Applications for the YUFE Postdoc Program are open until December 10, 2021.