University Cooperation

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    Building Bridges

    The University of Bremen cooperates both with local universities and with universities around the world – in research as well as in teaching.

Local Partner Universities

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Location as an Opportunity

Our important partners include the universities in Bremen State but also universities in the surrounding region such as the University of Oldenburg, the Universität Hamburg, and other North German universities. We coordinate our course programs, implement joint degree programs, and cooperate in developing quality assurance procedures.

International Partnerships

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Well Connected in Europe and Beyond

Our global network encompasses several hundred universities across Europe and beyond – among them a number of universities with which we have entered into strategic partnerships. In Europe, we support student exchanges with over 300 Erasmus partner universities. Information about the University of Bremen’s international partnerships, how the network helps to promote the university’s interests in Europe, and on how internationalization impacts you as a member of the university can be found here.

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