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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partners are defined as follows:

  • Extensive contacts and cooperation in research and teaching in several subjects already exist and / or there is an interest in deepening them with the aim of mutually beneficial development on both sides; there is a cooperation agreement / memorandum of understanding or it was decided to conclude a contract owing to the numerous already existing contacts;
  • There is a comparability of universities in terms of size, objectives, and resources;
  • Favorable political and national framework conditions (support programs exist for specific countries and regions).

An alternative selection criterion may be associated with development policy, for example, in the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.
A targeted use of resources promotes the development of regional priorities.
Currently, the university's internationalization strategy is under review. The current strategic partnerships will be evaluated and further developed following the adoption of the new strategy. The University aims at having a maximum of between 6 – 8 strategic partners at institutional level worldwide. It will also support the development of further strategic partnerships at Faculty level.

Our current strategic partners

Our current strategic partners