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First YUFE Mayors' Meeting in Maastricht - 13-15 January 2020

The first YUFE Mayors' Meeting was held in Maastricht from the 13th to 15th January 2020. The Mayors' Meeting is an annual event organised by the YUFE Alliance, which will always take place in a different YUFE city. At this assembly the YUFE Alliance meets with all mayors of our Cities Task Force to discuss ongoing activities and best practices together with the YUFE in our Cities Task Force combining local perspectives with those of the Alliance as a whole. It serves to link YUFE cities with YUFE universities and to explore the perspectives for further of cooperation.

In this Mayors' Meeting, the cities presented their existing cooperation projects between the universities and the cities. Bremen was represented by Dr. Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports. As far as Bremen was concerned, the projects "here:ahead" and "Senior Citizens" were presented. Other YUFE cities introduced projects on cooperative work spaces and a project on the provision of student residences in cooperation with students. In Work Package (WP) 6, further consideration is now being given to the question as to which of the initiatives presented can be implemented in other YUFE cities.

During this event, the YUFE Student Forum, which is the body of YUFE students, as well as the Strategy Board, the highest YUFE governing committee, also met. Furthermore the task forces and working groups regarding WP3 (Student Journey), WP6 (YUFE in our Cities) and the working group on the Virtual Campus came together.

In WP3, the main topics of discussion were on the design of Open Programs, on the study programs to be connected and on the question as to which learning outcomes should be defined. The Virtual Campus is already under development and will be programmed and evaluated within the next months, so that the first functions for YUFE students will become available in early summer.