Innovation effects

Magnet for young people

19,400 students are enrolled at the University of Bremen. Of these, 32% come from Bremen and 35% from Lower Saxony. This means that the University of Bremen succeeds in retaining 13,000 young people from the region for several years of study. The remaining students come from other federal states and abroad to study in Bremen. With this balance, Bremen is the federal state with the highest migration gain in the transition from school to university.

[Source: Uni in Zahlen 2018; Fachkraft 2020]

From all over the world to Bremen

Almost 2,500 foreign students from 120 countries are enrolled at the University of Bremen. Around 1,000 of these come from Europe, 850 from Asia and 340 from Africa.

[Source:  Statistik der ausländischen Studierenden]

Transfer via clever minds

Every year, 1,700 students successfully complete their Bachelor's degree and 1,400 their Master's degree at the University of Bremen. 50% of these graduates take up their first job in Bremen and a further 20% in Lower Saxony.

[Source: Uni in Zahlen 2018, Absolventenbefragung der Universität Bremen]

Spin-off start-ups - a fresh cell cure for the regional economy

The BRIDGE start-up network, which is largely supported by the University of Bremen, supports 15 to 20 innovative spin-offs by graduates and academics from the University of Bremen every year. The vast majority of these start-ups are based in Bremen. In the graduate survey (examination year 2012), as many as 6% of respondents stated that they had set up their own business after graduating. This equates to around 200 business founders.

[Source:BRIDGE Gründungsgalerie, Absolventenbefragung der Universität Bremen]

Inventions and property rights

Scientists at the University of Bremen filed 24 invention disclosures in 2017. In the same year, the university filed 14 priority patent applications. This means that the University accounts for over 10% of all patent applications to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office originating from Bremen.

scientific further education

The University of Bremen offers an extensive range of continuing academic education programmes, most of which are attended by participants from the region. In 2018, demand totalled over 110,000 participant hours.

[Source: Uni in Zahlen 2018]

University of Bremen is once again one of Germany's top start-up universities

The German Startup Monitor 2019 once again ranks the University of Bremen among the top 10 start-up universities in Germany. After 8th place in 2018, it even reached 7th place in 2019, which is proof of the successful work in start-up support by the start-up network BRIDGE and UniTransfer.

[Source: Deutscher Startup Monitor 2019, S. 33]

Bremen ranks 16th in the tech hub potential index

In the Deloitte Tech Hub Potential Index, Bremen ranks 16th among the German cities analysed. This is due in particular to its good 10th place in the "talent pipeline" category with the indicators number of STEM students, proportion of STEM students in the total number of students and the reputation of the university. This ranking is therefore largely based on the performance of the University of Bremen.

[Source: Deloitte: Deutschlands Tech-Hubs]

University of Bremen takes 6th place in the start-up radar

In the Stifterverband's Start-up Radar 2018, the University of Bremen is ranked 6th among the major universities. It is recognised as having "exemplary performance" in start-up support. In the important sub-area of "start-up activities", the university is one of only a few universities to achieve full marks.

[Source: Gründungsradar 2018 des Stifterverbandes]

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