Colin Weßendorf

Picture Colin Wessendorf

Research Assistant (Ph.D candidate)


Max-von-Lauen-Str. 1
28359 Bremen
Building WIWI2, Room F 2140
Phone: +49 (0)421 218-665-31




Personal details

Colin Wessendorf is working in the field of economic geography. He has been a member of the research staff and a PhD candidate at the University of Bremen since March 2018. From March 2018 until its dissolution in 2021, Colin Wessendorf worked for the University’s Centre for Regional and Innovation Economics (CRIE). Since July 2021, he is member of the working group of Prof. Dr. Christian Cordes.

Before joining the University of Bremen, Colin Weßendorf studied Geography (B.Sc., M.A.) and Peace, Conflict and Development Studies (minor subject) in Marburg, Frankfurt/Main, Lund and Växjö.


Professional career

since /201803Member of the research staff, University of Bremen
2017/04 – 2017/07Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) (student assistant)

2016/02 – 2016/07 & 2015/04 – 2015/08

PM & Partner Marketing Consulting GmbH, Frankfurt (Junior Consultant)

2013/02 – 2013/04Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union, Brussels (internship)


Since 2018/03PhD candidate, University of Bremen
2016/08 – 2017/01Linnaeus Univiersity Växjö, Peace and Development Work (semester abroad)
2015/10 – 2017/09Goethe University Frankfurt, Geographies of Globalization: Markets and Metropoles, Focus: Economic Geography (Master of Arts)
2013/08 – 2014/01Lund University, Geography (semester abroad)

2011/10 – 2015/03


University of Marburg, Geography, Focus: Human geography (Bachelor of Science)


Published articles

Grashof, N., Kopka, A., Wessendorf, C., Fornahl, D.
(2020): Industry 4.0 and clusters: complementarities or substitutes in firm's knowledge creation?. Competitiveness Review. DOI:
Fornahl, D., Kopka, A., Wessendorf, C.
(2019): Das "Internet der Dinge" im technologischen Raum Niedersachsens – Technologische Einbindung und regionale Verteilung. In: Neues Archiv für Niedersachsen 02/2019 - Digitalisierung in Niedersachsen. Wachholtz Verlag, Kiel/Hamburg.


Working Papers

Knuepling, L., Wessendorf, C., Basilico, S. (2022):
Revisiting innovation typology: A   systemic   approach.   JENA   ECONOMIC   RESEARCH   PAPERS,   #2022-002.
Wessendorf, C., Kopka, A., Fornahl, D.:
The impact of the six European Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) on regional knowledge creation. Assessing the importance of KETs’ structural relevance in knowledge spaces. PAPERS IN EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY (PEEG) #21.27.


37th annual meeting of the German working group on Industrial Geography
(24th – 25th November 2022, Wiesbaden-Naurod)

6th Global Conference on Economic Geography (GCEG)
(7th -10th June 2022, Dublin), Session Geographies of Knowledge Production and Knowledge Flow – Technologies, Clusters & Regions

11. Northern German colloquium on economic geography
(17th-18th February 2022, online)

Seminar of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy (IERP) at the University of Bremen
(30th June 2021, online)

Regions in Recovery, Global E-Festival
(02nd -18th June 2021, online): Session Labour Markets, Business Support and the Impacts of COVID-19

Workshop „Advancing Indicators of Regional Structural Change”
(17th -19th March 2021, online)

10. Northern German colloquium on economic geography
(25th -26th February 2021, online)

5th Geography of Innovation Conference
(29th -31st January 2020, Stavanger): Session Innovation and Regional Economic Development II

DRUIDphd20 Academy Conference
(16th -17th January 2020, Odense): The Integration of Key Enabling Technologies in Technological Spaces

34th annual meeting of the German working group on Industrial Geography
(07th – 08th November 2019, Wiesbaden-Naurod)

Guest presentation in seminar on network analysis
(25th October 2019, University of Marburg; by invitation)

9. Northern German colloquium on economic geography
(13th -15th February 2019, University of Greifswald)