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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tanja Schultz

Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5
Cartesium, Room 2.041
28359 Bremen


tanja.schultzprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Since 2015 Tanja Schultz has been a professor of "Cognitive Systems", Faculty 3 Computer Science / Mathematics at the University of Bremen.

Since 2019 she is the speaker (jointly with Michael Beetz) of the high-profile area Minds, Media, Machines.

Since 2019 she is a member of Board of Directors for the Leibniz Science Campus on "Digital Public Health".

She is a Fellow of the International Speech Communcation Association (2016), the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (2017) and IEEE (2020).




Curriculum Vitae

Tanja Schultz received her doctoral and diploma degree in Informatics from University of Karlsruhe, Germany in 2000 and 1995 respectively and successfully passed the German state examination for teachers of Mathematics, Sports, and Educational Science at Heidelberg University, in 1990.

In 2000 she joined Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she holds a position as Research Professor at the Language Technologies Institute. From 2007 to 2015 she was a Full Professor at the Department of Informatics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany before she accepted an offer from the University of Bremen in April 2015.

Since 2007, Tanja Schultz directs the Cognitive Systems Lab, where her research activities focus on human-machine communication with a particular emphasis on multilingual speech processing and human-machine interfaces. Together with her team, she investigates the processing, recognition and interpretation of biosignals, i.e. human signals resulting from physical and mental activities, to enable human interaction with machines in a natural way.

Tanja Schultz received several awards for her work, such as the FZI award for an outstanding Ph.D. thesis (2001), the Allen Newell Medal for Research Excellence from Carnegie Mellon (2002), the ISCA best journal award for her publication on language independent acoustic modeling (2002) and on Silent Speech Interfaces (2015), the Plux Wireless award (2011) for the development of Airwriting, the Alcatel-Lucent Research Award for Technical Communication (2012), the Google Research Award and the Otto-Haxel Award (2013), as well as several best paper awards. She is the author of more than 350 articles published in books, journals, and proceedings, and is regularly invited as panelist and keynote speaker.  Tanja Schultz serves as a member for numerous conference committees, as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions (2002-2004), as an Associate Editor for ACM TALLIP (since 2013), as editorial board member of Speech Communication (since 2001), and served as board member and elected president of the International Speech Communication Association ISCA for ten years.

Professional Preparation and Appointments

Since 04/2015 Full Professur (W3), Chair for Cognitive Systems, Faculty of Mathematic/Informatics, University of Bremen
06/2010 – 03/2015 Member of the Steering Committee KIT-Focus area “Anthropomatics and Robotics”, Founding Member of the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics, Founding Member of the Institute of Technology Futures (ITZ), KIT
Since 06/2007 Director of the Cognitive Systems Laboratory (CSL)
05/2007 – 03/2015 Full Professur (W3), Chair for Cognitive Systems, Department of Informatics, KIT
Since 07/2002 Research Scientist / Research Professor, Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
01/2001 – 06/2002 Research Associate, Language Technologies Institute, Interactive Systems Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
09/2000 – 12/2000 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Interactive Systems Laboratories, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
06/2000 Doctoral degree in Computer Science (Dr.-Ing.) at the University of Karlsruhe; Dissertation: Multilingual Speech Recognition – Combination of Acoustic Model for Rapid Portation to new Languages
1995 – 2000 Graduate Research Assistant / PhD Student at the University of Karlsruhe, Institute for Logic, Complexity and Deduction Systems
1990 – 1995 Diploma degree in Computer Science at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany
1983 – 1989 Masters in Mathematics (07/1989), Sports, Physical Education and Educational Science (11/1989) at the Ruprecht-Karl Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Educational Awards and Honors

2020 IEEE Fellow (Multilingual Speech Recognition and Biosignal Processing)
Google Faculty Research Award for the project on “EMG‐to‐Speech: End‐to‐End Silent Speech Conversion based on Electromyography”
2019 Best Student Paper Award BIODEVICES on “A Wearable Real‐time Human Activity Recognition System using Biosensors Integrated into a Knee Bandage” with H. Liu
2018 BCI Award 3rd place with the contribution “Brain‐to‐Speech: Direct Synthesis of Speech from Intracranial Brain Activity Associated with Speech Production” with C. Herff, L. Diener, E. Mugler, M. Slutzky, D. Krusienski
2017 Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
2016 ISCA Fellow (for contributions to Multilingual Speech Recognition and Biosignal Processing for Human-Machine Interaction)
2015 ICSA / EURASIP Best paper award Speech Communication Journal
2015 Best Student Paper Award BIOSIGNALS with M. Georgi and C. Amma
2013 Otto Haxel Award together with C. Amma and M. Georgi
2013 Google Faculty Research Award
2013 Best Student Paper Award BIOSIGNALS with M. Wand, M. Janke and C. Schulte
2013 Geographic Finalist Europe IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society with D. Heger, F. Putze und C. Herff
2012 Research Award Technical Communication 2012 from Alcatel-Lucent Stiftung
2012 Best Paper Award Wearable Computing, with C. Amma and M. Georgi
2011 PLUX Wireless Biosignals Award with C. Amma and D. Gehrig
2010 Best Student Paper Finalist, Social Robotics with D. Heger and F. Putze
2009 Best selected Papers BIOSTEC with M. Wand
2008 Best selected Papers BIOSTEC with S-C. Jou
2006 ISCA Best Demo Award at Interspeech 2006 with S-C. Jou and A. Waibel
2005 Carnegie Mellon Language Technologies Institute Junior Faculty Chair
2002 ICSA Best paper award Speech Communication Journal
2002 Allen Newell Medal for Research Excellence, CMU
2001 FZI Award for an outstanding dissertation

Supervised Dissertations

Hui Liu (Dr.-Ing., University of Bremen 11/2021),
Biosignal Processing and Activity Modeling for Multimodal Human Activity Recognition. Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Hugo Filipe Silveira Gamboa (CSL, Bremen, Deutschland)
→ PostDoc at CSL

Miguel Angrick (Dr.-Ing., University of Bremen 9/2021),
Speech synthesis from invasive brain signals: From offline analysis to closed-loop speech decoding. Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Dean Krusienski (CSL, Bremen, Deutschland)
→ PostDoc at Johns Hopkins Universität, Baltimore, MD, USA

Mazen Salous (Dr.-Ing., University of Bremen 6/2021),
User Modeling for Adaptation of Cognitive Systems Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Bettina von Helversen (CSL, Bremen, Deutschland)
→ PostDoc at CSL

Lorenz Diener (Dr.-Ing., University of Bremen 04/2021),
The Impact of Audible Feedback onEMG-to-Speech Conversion Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Thomas Hueber (CSL, Bremen, Deutschland)
→ Microsoft, Talinn, Estland

Christian Herff (Dr.-Ing., University of Bremen 12/2016),
Speech Processes for Brain-Computer Interfaces. Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Dean J Krusienski (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA)
→ PostDoc at CSL

Matthias Janke, (Dr.-Ing., KIT 04/2016), 
EMG-to-Speech: Direct Generation of Speech from Facial Electromyographic Signals. Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Alan W Black (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA)
→ Schaeffler, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Dominic Telaar (Dr.-Ing., KIT 12/2015), 
Error Correction based on Error Signatures applied to automatic speech recognition. Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Walter F. Tichy (KIT, Karlsruhe, Deutschland)
→ Apple Inc., Cupertino CA, USA

Dominic Heger (Dr.-Ing., KIT 07/2015), 
Advancing Pattern Recognition Techniques for Brain-Computer Interfaces: Optimizing Discriminability, Compactness, and Robustness, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Rainer Stiefelhagen (KIT, Karlsruhe Deutschland)
→ Zalando SE, Berlin, Germany

Christoph Amma (Dr.-Ing., KIT 07/2015), 
Modellierung und Erkennung dreidimensionaler Handschrift mittels Inertialsensorik, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Tamim Asfour (KIT, Karlsruhe, Deutschland)
→ Founder Company Kinemic GmbH

Dirk Gehrig (Dr.-Ing., KIT 06/2015), 
Automatic Recognition of Concurrent and Coupled Human Motion Sequences, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Rüdiger Dillmann (KIT, Karlsruhe,  Deutschland)
→ Human Motion Recognition Matrix Vision GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany

Tim Schlippe (Dr.-Ing., KIT 12/2014), 
Rapid Generation of Pronunciation Dictionaries for New Domains and Languages, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Marelie Davel (North West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)
→ Across Systems GmbH, Karlsbad, Germany

Felix Putze (Dr.-Ing., KIT 10/2014), 
Adaptive Cognitive Interaction Systems, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Joachim Funke (Universität Heidelberg, Deutschland)
→ Senior Researcher "Kognitive Interaktionsstrategien" at CSL

Thang Ngoc Vu (Dr.-Ing., KIT 01/2014), 
Automatic Speech Recognition for Low-resource Languages and Accents Using Multilingual and Crosslingual Information, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Etienne Barnard (North West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)
→ Juniorprofessor at University of Stuttgart, Germany

Michael Wand (Dr.-Ing., KIT 01/2014), 
Advancing Electromyographic Continuous Speech Recognition: Signal Preprocessing and Modeling, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Koreferent: Philip Green (U Sheffield, UK)
→ PostDoc am Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland

Udhay Nallasamy (PhD, CMU 10/2013), 
Adaptation techniques to improve ASR performance on accented speakers, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Committee: Alan W Black (CMU), Florian Metze (CMU), George Saon (IBM Watson Research Center, USA)
→ Apple Inc., Cupertino CA, USA

Roger Hsiao (PhD, CMU 01/2012), 
Generalized Discriminative Training for Speech Recognition, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Committee: Florian Metze (CMU), Alan W Black (CMU), Monika Woszczyna (M*Modal, Pittsburgh, PA USA)
→ Raytheon BBN Technologies, Boston, MA, USA

Wilson (Yik-Cheung) Tam (PhD, CMU 07/2009), 
Rapid Unsupervised Topic Adaptation - a Latent Semantic Approach, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Committee: Alex Waibel (CMU), Stephan Vogel (CMU), Sanjeev P. Khudanpur (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA)
→ SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Stan (Szu-Chen) Jou (PhD, CMU 08/2008), 
Automatic Speech Recognition on Vibrocervigraphic and Electromyographic Signals, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Committee: Alex Waibel (CMU), Alan W Black (CMU), Charles Jorgensen (NASA Ames Center, CA USA)
→ Synopsys, Taipei, Taiwan

Qin Jin (PhD, CMU 11/2006, 
Robust Speaker Recognition, Referentin: Tanja Schultz, Alex Waibel (CMU), Committee: Alan W Black (CMU), Douglas A. Reynolds (Lincoln Labs, MIT)
→ Associate Professor at Remin University of China, Beijing City, China

Co-Supervised Dissertations, External Reviewer

2020Chenglin Xu (Nanyang Technology University, Examiner)
2019 Hakim Si Mohammed (INSA/INRIA Rennes, Examiner), Tobias de Taillez (Uni Oldenburg, second advisor), Bahman Mirheidari (Uni Sheffield, External examiner), Berthold Bäumler (Uni Bremen, committee member)
2018Marina Zimmermann (EPFL, Thesis Committee)
2017Daniel Nyga (University of Bremen, Thesis Committee); Florent Bocquelet (Universite Grenoble Alpes Frankreich, External Reviewer)
2016 Mathias Landhäußer (KIT, Co-Advisor)
2015 Sabine Weyand (University of Toronto Kanada, External Reviewer); Joao Miranda (Technico Lisboa - Carnegie Mellon University, Thesis Committee)
2014 Sven Körner (KIT, Co-Advisor); Tim Pozehl (TU Berlin, External Reviewer); Arseniy Gorin (Universite Lorraine Frankreich, External Reviewer); Thiago Fraga (Universite Paris Sud Frankreich, External Reviewer)
2013 Christian Bauer (KIT, Co-Advisor)
2012 Farzaneh Ahmadi (Nanyang Technological University Singapur, External Reviewer); Hui Liang (EPFL/IDIAP Lausanne Schweiz, External Reviewer)
2011 Hanno Harland (KIT, Co-Advisor); Stephan Heuer (KIT, Co-Advisor); Andreas Sandmair (KIT, Co-Advisor); Tong Rong (Nanyang Technological University Singapur, External Reviewer)
2010 Matthias Paulik (KIT, Co-Advisor); Kishore Prahallad (CMU, Thesis Committee); Sopheap Seng (LIG Grenoble Frankreich, External Reviewer)
2009 Sebastian Stüker (KIT, Co-Advisor); Rania Bayeh (l’École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications Paris, External Reviewer)
2008 Matthias Eck (KIT, Co-Advisor); Christian Fügen (KIT, Co-Advisor); Ales Fexa (KIT, Co-Advisor); John Kominek (CMU, Thesis Committee); Ciro Martins (Universidade de Aveiro Portugal, External Reviewer)
2007 Girija Chetty (University of Canberra Australia, External Reviewer); Stephen Choularton (Macquarie University Sydney Australien, External Reviewer)
2006 Rong Zhang (CMU, Thesis Committee)
2005 Fei Huang (CMU, Thesis Committee)
2004 Hua Yu (CMU, Co-Advisor)
2001 Laura Tomokyo Mayfield (CMU, Thesis Committee)


List of Publications of Tanja Schultz

Google Scholar Page of Tanja Schultz

Most cited publications:

T Schultz, A Waibel (2001): Language-independent and language-adaptive acoustic modeling for speech recognition. Speech Communication 35 (1), 31-51, 2001 (Best Journal Paper Award).

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T Schultz (2002): GlobalPhone: A multilingual speech and text database developed at Karlsruhe University. In Proc. Interspeech 2002.

T Schultz, M Wand (2010): Modeling coarticulation in EMG-based continuous speech recognition. Speech Communication 52 (4), 341-353, 2010.

Recent Publications:

C Herff, D Heger, A De Pesters, D Telaar, P Brunner, G Schalk, T Schultz (2015): Brain-to-text: Decoding spoken phrases from phone representations in the brain,Frontiers in neuroscience 9, 217.

M Georgi, C Amma, T Schultz (2014):Recognizing Hand and Finger Gestures with IMU based Motion and EMG based Muscle Activity Sensing. BIOSIGNALS, 99-108.

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T Schultz, F Putze, A Kruse (2014): Technische Unterstuetzung fuer Menschen mit Demenz. KIT Scientific Publishing