Simon Kunze holds conference presentation in Seoul

Simon Kunze presented his work on rarified gas flows on the 32nd international Symposium on Rarified Gas Dynamics in Seoul. A summary of his work and furhter infos can be found here:

32nd International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics (RGD32) in Seoul, South Korea Rarefied gas dynamics (RGD) is a multi-disciplinary field encompassing molecular physics of gases and thermodynamics, mathematics, computational simulation, and application of underpinning technology in various sectors. RGD32 will serve as a global platform to bring together the best of current work on diverse and emerging subjects in RGD like kinetic theory for complex systems, mesoscale and multiscale modeling, hypersonic glide vehicles, shale gases, and vapor deposition processes.

Simons Presentation with additional notes can be found here.

Industrial fume and the schematic representation of a functionalized membrane which can seperate gases