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Long term stable Co-based catalysts for Sabatier reaction under changing feed loads

In the light of transformatng the German energy supply towards renewables (termed Energiewende), fluctuating energy feeds pose a substantial problem. The fluctuating excess energy (wind or solar) can be saved (electro-)chemically. This requires electrochemical cells, catalyst and chemical reactors that could be deployed under dynamic operating conditions. So far, due to their complexity, these dynamic process conditions are poorly understood. The DFG priority program (SPP) 2080 investigates such PtX technologies and how they react towards changing loads. 

Workflow of the three partners of this project.

Accordingly, in the project consortium, the work group Mädler produces tailor-made catalytically active nanoparticles using flame spray pyrolysis (FSP). The work group Bäumer characterizes the catalytic materials and coatds them onto support materials. The aim of our work group is to investigate the supported catalysts in the NMR regarding the deactivation behavior under changing loads. The findings will be used iteratively to further optimize the catalysts.

Publications from the project

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Further information

DFG priority program SPP 2080 "DynaKat".