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Software Distribution

Available software products can be found in this list: "Preisliste für zentral beschaffte Softwareprodukte" Some other programs (e.g. SPSS) are distributed by the ZfN .


Members of the departments 1-5 and 7 can use Microsoft Imagine to obtain certain MS products for free.

  1. License
  • Using the form Softwarebeschaffung (PDF) you can order licenses of software products. The number of purchased licenses must fit the number of concurrently used computers.
  • Licenses don't include manuals or media.
  • Please fill out the form clearly and completely (including two signatures).
  • Media cannot be ordered with this form at all.


        2.  Media

  • as the university (usually) only has one medium per product, these can be re-used by multiple persons as long as the corresponding licensed have been bought.
  • ISO images can be copied to USB drives or uploaded to local servers (if available).
  • Media can also be burned to CD/DVD at a price of €3 per disk using this form.
  • Log in to and create an upload link that you then send via email.


Finally a note regarding the storage/cataloging of licenses: the procurement requests sent to us are forwarded collectively to the administration, so that questions of the kind "how many licenses of X does my working group actually have? Each customer is required to keep an eye on his licenses and to store them in such a way that possible successors also receive this information so that unnecessary duplicate orders can be avoided as far as possible.



Microsoft / Adobe / Corel etc.

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