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Dezernat 6 - Studentische Angelegenheiten

Student Affairs

Administration Department 6 / Student Affairs is responsible for all central administrative tasks connected with studies as well as the greater part of central consulting and support services for students and central student marketing.

The department staff is committed to providing professional guidance and support for prospective students, applicants, and all members of the student body. Based on their considerable experience, they know all about the ups and downs of studying and they communicate proposals to the planners in the Faculties and central offices. Administration Department 6 cooperates closely with other institutions inside and outside the University, as well as with active students and student representation bodies, in order to offer an attractive campus and favorable frame conditions for studies.

The Administrative Department 6 includes following support units and working groups:

Sekretariat für Studierende

Zentrale Studienberatung

Zentrales Prüfungsamt


Bremen Service Universität

Career Center

Informationsmanagement und Datenbank Studium


CaMs, fachliche Konzepte

Term times

The academic year starts on October 1 and ends on September 30.

    The winter semester (WiSe) starts on October 1 and ends on March 31.
    The summer semester (SoSe) starts on April 1 and ends on the September 30.

Periods in which instruction takes place (German: Veranstaltungszeit) vary from year to year within the semester periods.
The Rectorate of the University of Bremen has decided the following semester dates: 

Summer semester 2020

Lecture period: 14.04.2020 - 17.07.2020

Due to the corona pandemic and the associated virus protection measures, the teaching of the summer semester 2020 will take place digitally.

The online course program for the summer semester starts on April 20, 2020.


Winter semester 2020/21

Lecture period: 19.10.2020 - 05.02.2021 - changed: 02.11.2020 – 19.02.2021

Holidays: 23.12.2020 - 05.01.2021


Summer semester 2021

Lecture period: 12.04.2021 - 16.07.2021


Winter semester 2021/22

Lecture period: 18.10.21 - 4.2.22

Holidays: 23.12.21 - 5.1.21


Summer semester 2022

Lecture period: 19.4.22 - 22.7.22


Head of

Christina Vocke

VWG 0260
Tel.: +49-421-218-61000


Kerstin Dittmer

VWG 0270
Tel.: +49-421-218-61003


Universität Bremen
Dezernat 6
Postfach 33 04 40
28334 Bremen


Adress for visitors

Universität Bremen
Dezernat 6
Verwaltungsgebäude/Erdgeschoss Bibilothekstr. 1
28359 Bremen


Organizational chart

Dezernat 6