Diginomics Research Talks

In the winter semester 2019/2020, the Diginomics Group will host the speaker series "Diginomics Research Talks" in downtown Bremen. The speaker series "Diginomics Research Talks" was initiated to promote the dialogue among the economy, politics, and society. In regular evening events, current research results are presented by experts from the University of Bremen and discussed in round-table discussions with regional representatives of business and politics as well as the interested public.

The speaker series aims to exchange information with companies and the general public about questions and challenges of digitalization. The participants of the event will gain insights into current research topics and practical solutions from the economic sciences that can be used to master the challenges of digitalization. At the end of each event, there will be an opportunity to talk to the professors of the faculty in an informal setting and to establish contacts.

Tobias Kölbel

Next event of the speaker series „Diginomics Research Talks“

Topic: Decentralized Economy of Things – Nucleus for Tomorrows Cross-Company

Date and time: 09.03.2021, 6 pm

Location: Online (Zoom)

On March 9, 2021 the Diginomics Research Group of the University of Bremen hosts Tobias Kölbel, Researcher (PhD) Economy of Things at Bosch. Tobias Kölbel will speak about

„Decentralized Economy of Things – Nucleus for Tomorrows Cross-Company“.

Like many companies, Bosch is currently undergoing a transformation through digitalisation and is examining the use of new digital technologies. The focus is particularly on cross-company collaboration, which is becoming increasingly important. Data-based platforms are essential for a successful transformation. The strategic research project Economy of Things by Bosch Research deals with the negative implications of centralised platforms and shows decentralised approaches to solutions. The goal: A fair and open digital economy with cooperating market participants instead of dominant platform monopolists.

In his talk, Tobias Kölbel introduces the research field of the Economy of Things and deals with the technological capability of decentralised systems to strengthen the cooperative behavior of companies. He shows the potential of self-sovereign identity concepts for the identity management of tomorrow. Using the example of a manufacturing marketplace, he also outlines the extent to which decentralised technologies such as distributed ledger, blockchain, confidential computing or multi-party computation could be used for fair platforms.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to diginomicsprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Past Events

Diginomics Research Talks meet BREMEN.AI Data Lounge

Topic: AI Product Management

Date and time: 01.12.20 at 18:00

Venue: Online (Zoom)

On December 1, 2020, the Diginomics Research Group of the University of Bremen hosts Dr Michael Engel, Head of Data & AI Product Management at VW Financial Services. The event is co-organized by BREMEN.AI Data Lounge and the Data Science Center.

"AI Product Management"

Dr Engel will give an introduction into AI product management - a topic many companies struggle to succeed with. In this talk, Dr Engel discusses a product-level approach towards creating value by using AI. He is going to show how product management concepts enable data science teams to frame the search for and implementation of ideas for innovation. In addition to that, Dr Engel will identify areas in which the product management frameworks for software products do not apply to AI products. Finally, he will discuss complementary approaches specific for AI products.

The background of this talk is given by the lacking abilities of many companies to deploy AI technologies to generate real customer value and eventually, economic impact. The problem derives from the entrenched habit to either using a firm-level AI strategy or a technology based approach by developing new models respectively algorithms. However, a data science team does not benefit from this in either way to maximize any short to medium-term profits.

The talk will take place as an online event via Zoom. The recording will be published later on YouTube.

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Diginomics Research Talks meet BREMEN.AI Data Lounge

Topic:The 7 Deadly Sins of Applied Machine Learning in Finance (…or maybe any other industry)

Date and time: 26.08.20 at 18:00

Venue: Online (Microsoft Teams)

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf (Diginomics Research Group, University of Bremen) organizes an online event in cooperation with the BREMEN.AI Data Lounge. At the event Luis Moreira-Matias, Head of Data Science at Monedo will be talking about 

"The 7 Deadly Sins of Applied Machine Learning in Finance (…or maybe any other industry)"

Nowadays, Data Science is an unrealistic hype in many industries – Finance is no exception. The fact is that, albeit it is fun and relatively easy to design advanced machine learning (ML) as a fancy prototype in someone’s laptop, it is extremely hard to transform them into real but yet profitable software products. The reasons (and sins) are seven-fold: Time, Regulation, Scale, Automation, Customers (!), Scientists (!!!) and… the Machine Learning itself (!?!!?!). In this talk, Luis Moreira-Matias will highlight why those sins exist, the assumptions that they bring with and the pitfalls that they lead to by bringing up ML use cases from Financial world. Together, we will visit the posed challenges, the common pitfalls and solutions that the team at Monedo has brought up to mitigate some of them.

The Diginomics Research Talk and BREMEN.AI Data Lounge #2 will take place as an online event via Microsoft Teams. The recording will later be published on YouTube. 

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Digitalization in project management

Topic: Digitalization in Project Management

Date and Time: 28.11.19 from 17:15 to 19:45

Venue: Enercon building, 6th floor, Teerhof 59 in 28199 Bremen

Digitalization is often conjured in project management, but it is rarely found in the business reality. In some projects, it is still considered as a big step forward if the Excel spreadsheet with the project figures is accessible to all project participants on the team drive. Meanwhile, some software vendors are already working on "artificial intelligence" in project management, and project organizations are experiencing that being "agile and digital" is not just a technical challenge. Who are the providers on the market for project management software, what stages and approaches to digitalization exist in practice - and why are bankruptcy projects not long since a thing of the past, despite digital assistants?



„Work 4.0“ – Social Workplace

Topic: "Work 4.0" - Social Workplace: The example of the DIGILAB innovation projects

Date and Time: 22.10.19 from 15:00 to 17:45

Venue: WFBeta in the Kontorhaus am Markt; Langenstr. 2-4 in 28195 Bremen

Program: After a short introduction of the "Diginomics" research group by Prof. Dr. Lars Hornuf and Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, the series of events starts with the topic "Work 4.0" - Social Workplace: The example of the DIGILAB innovation projects. The DIGILAB innovation project (an initiative of the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe) shows how students examine the question of what constitutes a "Social Workplace" and how to achieve this status using the example of the practice-oriented innovation project "Social Workplace". The innovation project was implemented in cooperation with the BTC AG Oldenburg and the Chair for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Start-Up and Entrepreneurship (LEMEX) of the University of Bremen. Experiences and findings from the project will be presented and reflected in a case study.

This will be followed by an open discussion between the panel and the plenum on the topic of "Transdisciplinary research and teaching at the intersection of innovation and digitalization" - with Dr. Yvonne Bauer (speaker for Work 4.0 and experts at the office of the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen), Dr. Martin Holi (Project Manager DIGILAB Innovation Projects; LEMEX University Bremen) and Martin Ehlis (Senior Recruiter BTC AG Oldenburg). The discussion will conclude with informal networking to establish contacts and exchange ideas over refreshments and snacks.

About the DIGILAB Innovation Projects
The objective of the DIGILAB innovation projects of the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe is the conception and development of solutions for current entrepreneurial issues, especially new products and services in the context of digitalization. Interested companies can contact Dr. Martin Holi (holiprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de). A detailed presentation of the innovation project "Social-Workplace" can be found here: http://social-workplace.com/

Panel des ersten Diginomics Research Talk