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Matheus E. Leusin and Björn Jindra presented their latest research results on "Artificial Intelligence" at a scientific workshop in Strasbourg

On October 18th, 2019, Matheus Eduardo Leusin and Björn Jindra presented a working paper at the workshop “The Economics and Management of AI Technologies” in Strasbourg, France. The working paper analyses how the development of a given General Purpose Technology is possibly affected by distinct path dependencies at the country-level. The workshop was a follow-up of a previous workshop which took place at the Copenhagen Business School earlier this year. The basic idea of both events is to consolidate a network of international scholars, data scientists and other colleagues interested in the socio-economic effects of transformations triggered by Artificial Intelligence worldwide.

Connected to this, Björn Jindra and Matheus Eduardo Leusin also attended a further workshop organized by the BETA group under the title “Economics of Science and Innovation”. The BETA group is a joint research unit of the universities of Strasbourg and Lorraine, besides the CNRS, INRA, and AgroParisTech. We would like to thank the group for the organization, and in special to Stefano Bianchini, who was also the main organizer of the AI-related workshop and is an active partner and collaborator of the international AI network.

Matheus E. Leusin und Björn Jindra