Co-Design our Digital Transformation

Transparent participatory and decision-making processes serve to ensure that all members of the university can contribute their ideas, activities are well coordinated and prioritized, decisions are made and communicated quickly, and the planning is implemented effectively.

Proposals for digitalization can be put forward in various ways and communicated to the university management.

Here are three ways in which members of the university can actively play their part in shaping the digital transformation.


CDO Team

Tel.: +49 421 218 60042

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Contact the Advisory Board

Members of the university from all status groups can contact the CDO Team as well as the members of the Users Advisory Board at any time if they have digitalization proposals that they would like to put forward for discussion.

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Be Creative

The CDO Team organizes workshops at regular intervals where members of the university can contribute and jointly develop their ideas for digitalization projects in creative, participatory constellations.

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Propose a Project

To make a concrete proposal for a digitalization project, members of the university are requested to use the template to outline a project definition and submit it to the CDO Team.