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Personnel Development

The University of Bremen places particular emphasis on personnel policy and development, including the promotion of young academics, in its strategic goals and measures for the diversity processes for 2018–2020. We are convinced that an authentic and comprehensive orientation of the institution towards diversity sensitivity can only be supported and implemented through the appropriate attitudes, skills, and actions of employees in all status groups.


Diversity-Oriented Selection Procedures

Our goal is to design selection procedures at all levels to be gender- and diversity-oriented. We critically scrutinize our procedures and guidelines and develop them further. The gender and diversity competence of the future professors at the University of Bremen also plays an increasingly relevant role in the accompanying assessment center within the framework of the appointments procedure.

If you are interested in the development process, please contact us:

Dr. Petra Schierholz, Head of Department 1
Anneliese Niehoff, Head of Staff Unit 04 Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination Office
Nele Kuhn, Officer for Diversity Management

Advice & Institutions

perspektive promotion - Programme for arts and humanities students (Unit 04)

plan m - Mentoring in Science (Unit 04)

BYRD - Bremen Early Career Researcher Development (Unit 12)

Personnel Development (Unit 07)

University didactics (Unit 13)

Foreign Language Centre

go diverse: Gender- and Diversity-Competent Personnell Selection in Science

Leading Well. For a Family-Friendly University!"

In the brochure “Gut führen. Für eine familienfreundliche Universität!” (Leading Well. For a Family-Friendly University!) people from the university describe why they actively support employees and students who have to combine work and study as well as family commitments.