Carolin Stellmacher at CHI 2024 on Hawaii

Three of our PhD students from he Digital Media Lab published four full papers at this year’s ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2024) held on Hawaii. Thomas Mildner, Nima Zargham und Carolin Stellmacher shared their most recent research in the fields of ethical design challenges for conversational user interfaces, context-aware speech recognition in games, simulation of object weight in VR and using mobile devices as haptic interfaces for mixed reality.

Thomas Mildner first-authored the paper „Listening to the Voices: Describing Ethical Caveats of Conversational User Interfaces According to Experts and Frequent Users“. Nima Zargham’s first-author paper “”I Know What You Mean": Context-Aware Recognition to Enhance Speech-Based Games” received the Honourable Mention Award. And Carolin travelled to the beautiful Hawaii to present her two first-authored papers “Experiencing Dynamic Weight Changes in Virtual Reality Through Pseudo-Haptics and Vibrotactile Feedback” and “Exploring Mobile Devices as Haptic Interfaces for Mixed Reality”.

Great success! Congratulations to Caro, Thomas and Nima!

Carolin Stellmacher at the CHI 2024 on Hawaii
Carolin Stellmacher at the CHI 2024 on Hawaii