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Ioannis Bikas new Colleague of the Digital Media Lab Bremen

Ioannis Bikas is our new PDH student in the graduate college
'Empowering Digital Media' at the Digital Media Lab, University of
Bremen. He started his studies in computer science here at the
University in 2012. After writing his bachelor thesis about planar
graphs, he focused on human computer interaction and artificial
intelligence during his master's program. In his master thesis Ioannis
investigated the substitution of human players with player modeled
agents in an online multiplayer game which - in collaboration with
Johannes Pfau - spawned a paper that was accepted at the CHI 2020. He
is very interested in everything that has to do with video games
especially game design and game theory. His scientific interests are
mostly located in the field of game research, human centered design,
game design and generativity.

Wellcome to our group, Ioannis!