Immerse yourself in virtual worlds: Interaction design research for virtual reality

In the recent years Virtual Reality (VR) is experiencing a hype. For more than fifty years, science has been concerned with the computer simulation of virtual worlds. However, it is only now that we have reached the point where technology is so advanced that we can display credible 360° scenes in…

Get a Grip! - Variable Grip for Controller-Based VR Systems

Our paper on variable grip for virtual reality has been accepted at IEEE VR'19. It will be presented in Osaka, Japan in March. Have a sneak peek in our teaser video!

Polite interaction with language assistants

Language assistants in many households nowadays fulfil almost every wish - that is how they are programmed. They often receive their orders in a command tone. If you were comparably rough with your human surroundings, you would not make friends with it. Michael Bonfert and Robert Porzel report on…

Climbing in Virtual Reality

A team from the University of Bremen presents its research work on"Climbing in Virtual Reality" for overcoming the fear of falling.

If You Ask Nicely

Students of the Digital Media study program together with Dr. Robert Porzel from the Digital Media Lab (both University of Bremen) conducted an experiment with 20 participants with a simulated courteous language assistant. Inquiries to "Eliza" had to be answered with "Please" and "Thank you" or to…