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Promotion of Dmitry Alexandrovsky

In August, Dmitry Alexandrovsky successfully passed his PhD exam on "Engaging Interaction - Designing for Immersive and Sustained User Experiences."

The dissertation explores how interaction design can sustain engagement with interactive systems. Involving emotional, cognitive and behavioral components of engagement and is looking at engagement from the perspectives of user experience intensity, as well as user behavior. At the macro level, these three strands of research pursue a holistic view of user experience and provide concrete but generalizable starting points for the design of engaging interactive systems. At the micro-level, this dissertation extends existing theories and demonstrates the effects of individual elements on user behavior and the intensity of the experience with interactive systems.

We warmly congratulate Mr. Alexandrovsky for passing the exam so successfully!

[Translate to English:] Dmitry Alexandrovsky mit Doktorhut und Sektglas
[Translate to English:] Dr. Dmitry Alexandrovsky