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Lecture by Ioannis at the graduation ceremony of FB3

The lecture hall of the so called "Keksdose" marks the venue of this
years graduate celebration of the FB3 for mathematics and computer
science. It took place on Saturday the 25. of January and invited
graduate students and their families to enjoy a diverse program of
music, talks and presentations. As is customary, this program featured
presentations of two graduate students - one from the subject area of
mathematics and one from computer science - who were elected based on
the high quality of their theses. Ioannis Bikas, who recently started
his PhD at the University of Bremen and is currently a member of the
graduate college Empowering Digital Media, was elected this year to
give a presentation for the computer science department. He began his
master's course in 2016 and finished his studies successfully last
year in October. In his entertaining presentation he managed to make
his master thesis about player models as substitutes for disconnected
players in online multiplayer games accessible to the attentive
audience which in turn reacted very positively to the numerous punch
lines. Consequently, the presentation blended seamlessly into the
program of a very enjoyable graduate celebration.