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Digital Media Lab

Digital Media Lab

Prof. Dr. Rainer Malaka

Office: MZH 5340
Phone: +49 421 218-64401
Fax: +49 421 218-64409
Mail: dmprotect me ?!tziprotect me ?!.de

Administration: MZH 5370


Accepted Publications at CHI 2020

The DMLab will present two papers on the topic around question-asking in VR on the CHI 2020: “Examining Design Choices of Questionnaires in VR User Studies” explores the design space of questionnaire administration in VR. (Video preview: )

“Breaking The Experience:...

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Publication of a Theory of Affordance

At the European Conference for Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2020), a publication containing a "Theory of Affordance", that was developed in cooperation between the Digital Media Lab and scientists from artificial intelligence and linguistics, was accepted. In this publication, a logical framework...

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Global Game Jam 2020

Again the Uni-Bremen site was represented at the Global Game Jam this year. In 48 hours 17 great prototypes (15 video games and 2 board games) were created from concepts for the "Repair" theme. With over 80 registrations, Bremen is one of the largest locations in Germany. The games can be tried out...

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Lecture by Ioannis at the graduation ceremony of FB3

The lecture hall of the so called "Keksdose" marks the venue of this years graduate celebration of the FB3 for mathematics and computer science. It took place on Saturday the 25. of January and invited graduate students and their families to enjoy a diverse program of music, talks and presentations....

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Successful publication at the CHI2020

Last year, comprehensive evaluations of the prototype developed in the EU project first.stage took place. In cooperation with professional users from the creative industries (film, theatre & animation), we conducted a study on the usability of "Natural User Interfaces" (NUI). Using the experimental...

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Rainer Malaka visits Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Prof. Rainer Malaka just visits Chaing Mai University, one of the top three Universities in Thailand. He was invited by CAMT , the College of Arts Media and Technology and gave an invited lecture there. CAMT is a great match to our Digital Media program and we want to open up exchange possibilities...

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Social Media

Lab Board

The real board hangs in the corridor of the digital media lab in the fifth floor of the MZH. Live