Childcare Services

Childcare Services

The creche Uni-Kindertagesstätte e.V. offers an attractive all-day childcare program for 48 children aged one to three years. When allocating childcare places, the children of students and staff of the University of Bremen will be given preference. The spacious premises accommodate six groups of eight children each. 

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Uni Kita e.V.

The Kinderland is a childcare center on campus. The children are looked after by student assistants who are financed by the AStA student council, the university, and the Student Services Organization. The Kinderland has toys and play equipment for children of all ages, an outdoor area, and a small kitchen. 

Age of children: Children are looked after in mixed-age groups, starting from six months. 

Hours of care: The childcare is offered from Mondays to Fridays in the time from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Children of parents who are studying can be looked after up to nine hours a week. In exceptional cases, such as block seminars at weekends, childcare on Saturdays can also be arranged. 

Location: Sportturm building, level 1



Group size: ten children from ten months to three years of age

Location: centrally on Campus Boulevard, across from the Mensa cafeteria

Hours of care: 30 to 35 hours per week

Team: The same two nursery teachers look after the children every day and are therefore stable, reliable care providers. In addition, there is another permanent team member, who supports the daily group activities and can also take over as a substitute in the case of illness. Interns who complete a practical part of their training or studies are also a regular part of the daily group routine. 

Introduction to the Approach of the Wuselhöhle:
Children are cared for in a safe setting where all their basic needs can be met. These include comfort, attention, movement, appreciation, and rest. The approach of the Wuselhöhle is to provide children with a variety of experiences and to allow them to be self-determined. We work with fixed rituals and structures to give the children a sense of security. We understand our work not as education, but as accompanying and supporting learning processes. Children learn and discover with all their senses. For this, children need a safe, protected setting in which they can experiment. The Wuselhöhle offers exactly this setting.


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Childcare in the State of Bremen

Oma-Opa-Hilfsdienst in Bremen Mahndorf

For casual childcare jobs, the support of the grannies and grandpas from the Oma-Opa-Hilfsdienst can be booked against payment. Students have had good experiences with this service. This is what they say about themselves: “Our carers usually look after children from baby to school age for a maximum of two to three half days a week. In an emergency, we help as quickly as possible, if necessary, also without charge.”

Further information is available on the website: (in German only)

Eine Gruppe von Kleinkindern mit bunten Jacken und Rucksäcken.

All information about childcare in Bremen is available on the website of the Senator for Children and Education: Childcare Services

All childcare services at a glance: Kinderbetreuungskompass


Holiday care services on Campus

We actually do not offer vacation camps on campus.

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