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Student working group family-friendly university

The student working group family-friendly university

With a petition in 2007, some female students initiated the working group for “Family-
Friendly University” (AG FFS). Since then they have been developing concepts and
measures under the direction of the Equal Opportunities Office to improve the situation for
students with children or other family responsibilities. The students of the working group
are involved in a wide range of topics, some of the projects are presented here as

How to reach us:

Working Group Family-Friendly University
Equal opportunities Office
Project management audit family-friendly
Tel: 0421 218 60188

Office hours:

Wednesday at 11 am.

Thursday at 12:30 am.

We are of course also present during the compatibility week and are available to answer any questions you may have.



Studying with family
Under the motto "Student and Student Services provide family-friendly conditions”, the Infoportal- studying with a family online has been available since the beginning of July
2020. Here, relevant information on the field of work "studying with family responsibilities" is presented in five sections. If you have a look at the FAQ-collection, you will find
information about studying with a child in times of Corona, among other things.

Study and care!
For a research project we are looking for people who, in addition to their studies, care for or support an elderly person. Feel free to share your experiences! The best way to do so is
to contact the project leaders directly. You can find more information here.

Telephone hours
From now on you can reach us again by phone. Every Tuesday from 12.00 to 14.00 o'clock and Thursday from 11.00 to 13.00 o'clock. You can find the number under contact.

Family Café
The next date for the Family-Café is 09 July from 10.00 to 11.00. You can reach us via this link . We are looking forward to the exchange
with you!

Since we ourselves are affected as students and we were in exchange with some of you, we took this as an occasion and wrote a letter to Mr. Hoffmeister, the Vice Chancellor of
the university. In this letter we discuss the problems that the current situation brings with it. In it, we refer especially to the care work that some of us are now increasingly doing. We
as a working group see it as our task to address and solve problems.

Thats what we stand for:

  • Exchange at eye level from students for students.
  • Commitment to the interests of the students, e.g. by participating in university committees

We've already achieved that:

  • Expansion of the children’s day care faciltiies at the university
  • weekly Family-Cafés for exchange among students
  • Inclusion in the DFG's "Equal Opportunities in Science" toolbox (this enables us to reach a wider audience of experts)
  • Participated in the enforcement of the Maternity Protection Act at the University of Bremen
  • Networking with the Chancellor's Office