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Childcare in Bremen

Der Bremer Kinderbetreuungskompass

Der Bremer Kinderbetreuungskompass (Bremen childcare compass) provides information on all childcare facilities in the city of Bremen. The offers for all age groups and from all providers are available on this website. It also contains information on the registration procedure and the expected costs.

Pflegekinder in Bremen (PiB)

PiB in Bremen offers information on care and financing options for parents who would like to have their children looked after by babysitters and arranges contact with qualified professionals.


Head: Monika Krumbholz
Bahnhofstr. 28-31
28195 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 958820-10
Homepage PiB

Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen

The “Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen, zusammen groß werden e.V”. group is a contact point for support, advice, and representation of interests for self-organized children’s groups. Parents whose children are looked after through a parents’ initiative can obtain general information and help when applying for financial subsidies for childcare costs and they also have the possibility of having their child placed on a waiting list so that registration is also possible outside the regular registration period. In addition, the institutions belonging to the group can be found on the group’s home page, structured according to areas of the city.


Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen e.V.
29199 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 502663
Fax: +49 421 592437
Homepage Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen

Oma-Opa-Helpservice in the Neustadt Area of Bremen

For occasional help, the Oma-Opa-Hilfsdienst service can be booked for a charge. Students report good experiences with the services offered. Oma-Opa-Hilfsdienst provides a brief description of itself: “As a rule, our helpers look after children from being babies to schoolchildren for a maximum of two to three half days a week. In an emergency, we provide help as quickly as possible, and, if necessary, on a voluntary basis.”


Oma-Opa Hilfsdienst
im Bürgerhaus Mahndorf
Mahndorfer Bahnhof 10
28307 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 530153
Homepage des Oma-Opa-Hilfsdienstes