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Auf dem Bild sind drei junge Kinder von hinten zu sehen, wie sie mit Spielzeug spielen
Young children playing with educational toys

In the doctoral or post-doctoral phase, it is very challenging for young researchers to manage family responsibilities and academic qualifications in their everyday lives. Childcare and schools do not always provide an adequate level of care for children in all situations - for example, when important meetings and conferences taking place over several days are required. Yet these in particular are an important part not only of academic qualification, but also of maintaining one's own academic network. 

To allow you to cope with these challenges, the University of Bremen offers you a variety of support with Uni KLEX. Depending on the situation and purpose, the offers include financial grants totaling up to 200 euros per year. 

The most important requirements are:

  • You are employed at the University of Bremen as a research assistant (financed by third-party funds, a central university position), lecturer, researcher, junior professor or enrolled as a doctoral student.

  • There is a demand for childcare outside the regular opening hours of the childcare facility or school (except for school vacations).

  • It is about one-time and planned appointments or events such as conferences or travels (research trips, conferences) or personnel training measures (plan mnavigareperspektive promotiongodiverse!), but not about regular events (e.g. lectures).

Applications for subsidies can be submitted by mail to uniklexprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.deat least 4 weeks before the event. Details on the various options for babysitting or financial support can be found in the following overview.

The Uni KLEX logo is displayed in large letters with the subtitle "Flexible childcare for early career researchers". In the upper right corner there is a blue house symbol.


Ref. 04 Equal Opportunities Office 

Dr. Cindy Roitsch 

Johanna Runge-Däbritz

(Student Assistant)

E-Mail: uniklexprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Tel.: +49 421 218 60189

Financial support for babysitting costs

While you are attending a professional appointment or are on a work travel lasting several days, you can organize a babysitter as additional help. The babysitter will look after your child outside of regular daycare or school hours (during so-called off-peak hours) while you are not at home. Uni KLEX supports you financially in the form of subsidies for the babysitting costs incurred. The conditions for this are that you privately organize a babysitter who, for example, takes care of the child at your home (the babysitter must not be a relative). It is also important to note that you will have to pay the babysitting costs first. To apply for subsidies, send us the following information by mail via uniklexprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.deat least four weeks before the appointment:

  • Proof of the official date or your participation (lecture or conference program, invitation or similar).

  • Information about the time period of the support

  • The expected costs of the support via babysitter

  • Information on the number and age of the children to be looked after.

After checking the information, we will send you the necessary forms and further information. In case of short-term emergencies, such as your child's becoming ill or the unforeseen closing of the nursery or school, contact Emergency Moms for emergency care, provided by the Family Care Office. 

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