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We are happy to announce the location and date of the 8th International Conference on Maltese Linguistics!

Location: Bremen, Germany

Dates: 18-20 September 2023

We will send out the Call for Papers for the conference in the next weeks.

A new branch of the Malta Center is now based at the Università ta' Malta.  The on-site researchers are Raffello Bezzina and Michela Vella.

We look forward to working together and exciting new projects in the future!

The Malta Centre will be presented to local students as part of the Linguistics Week on November 24th.

The Journal of Maltese Living Abroad from Australia wrote in its 341st  Newsletter about the International Association of Maltese Linguistics and the visit of The Ambassador of the Republic of Malta SE Dr. Giovanni Xuereb to the Malta Centre (S. 5-7).

Maike Vorholt started her new position as a research officer at the Malta Centre.

An article on the Maltese library at the Malta Centre was published by the University's online magazine up2date:

Have You Heard of… the Maltese Library?

The workshop Triangulation - linguistic topics from three different perspectives (Wales, Malta, Northwest Germany) took place on the 13th and 14th June 2022 at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst. A total of five young scientists from Cardiff, three from Malta and six from Northwest Germany presented their research. A special contribution was the reading of Welsh poetry by the Welsh poet Ifor ap Glyn.

Die Teilnehmer:innen des Triangulation-Workshops am 14.06.2022
Die Teilnehmer:innen des Triangulation-Workshops am 14.06.2022

On the 31st of May 2022, the Ambassador of the Republic of Malta HE Dr. Giovanni Xuereb along with Deputy Head of Mission Mark Anthony Abela and Honorary Consul General Dr. Thomas Stöcker visited the Malta Center at the University of Bremen. Together with the Vice President for Research and Teaching Prof. Dr Jutta Günther, the Dean of Faculty 10 Prof. Dr. Marcus Callies and the Director of the Malta Center Prof. Dr.Thomas Stolz, an exchange took place, among other things, about the history of the Malta Center, its continued existence, the Maltese library it contains and linguistic research on the Maltese language.

Besuch des maltesischen Botschafters
(von links: Maike Vorholt, Julia Nintemann, Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther, S. E. Dr. Giovanni Xuereb, Prof. Dr. Thomas Stolz, Prof. Dr. Marcus Callies, Mark Anthony Abela, Dr. Thomas Stöcker)
Besuch des maltesischen Botschafters Botschafters
Geschenkeaustausch (links Prof. Dr. Thomas Stolz, rechts S. E. Dr. Giovanni Xuereb)