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For Schools/STEM

We keep a large educational program for pupils, schools and teachers: from internships for prospective students to public events. One of the events that attracts entire families is our traditional physics show at  pre-Christmas time.

Pre-Christmas Physics Show

Physics/Chemistry Advent calendar - online!

An exciting program awaits you.

Due to the pandemic, the popular show lecture had to be cancelled in December 2020. However, the Institute of Environmental Physics, the Physics Lab and the Institute of Organic and Analytical Chemistry came up with a wonderful alternative. From December 1 to 24, every day a door opened in the form of highly interesting experiments as short videos (German only). Enjoy the daily videos.


Traditionally the public "Physics Show in Advent" takes place every year in the pre-Christmas period. Many exciting experiments from various fields of physics are demonstrated. All those who are enthusiastic about physics and technology are invited, especially pupils and young people with their parents and teachers.

Staff from the Physics department and Physics laboratory demonstrate the fascination of physicsand the relation of physical phenomena to everyday life :

  • What influence does the Coriolis effect have on on certain weather phenomena?

  • How does temperature change the characteristics of materials?

  • What happens to a beer bottle in an ultrasonic bath?

  • Why is the sky blue and the evening sun red?

  • Is it possible to transmit music with a laser beam?

We answer these and many other questions with some Christmas experiments.

Impressions of the show