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General Studies

General Studies and Key Competences in Faculty 11

The courses in General Studies serve to train cross-disciplinary key competences and transferable skills such as communication skills and expertise in applying methods. Here, the main aim is to broaden students’ horizons beyond the boundaries of the subject they are studying.

In the frame of the ForstA-Project, over the period 2012-2016, the Faculty has funding available to thematically augment the offerings in General Studies. These offerings are listed in the  Course Catalog under VAK 11-GS-... You can find a list of all ForstA offerings in the University’s Course Catalog under Faculty 11: General Studies and Core Competences in Faculty 11

General Studies – not subject specific

In the Study Schedule under General Studies, you can find a list of program-related compulsory modules on topics like statistics, academic work and integrity etc. These are compulsory, i.e. you must attend them. You have no choice.
Under General Studies in the narrow sense, we understand elective modules which you are free to choose as you wish. The examination regulations define the scope of this elective area in the respective study programs, i.e. precisely how many CPs you can obtain of your own free choice. 

In the study schedules, General Studies are often listed in the third year of studies. Students should however note that they may acquire CPs in General Studies in whatever semester they wish. 

Registering for courses in General Studies

Please note the different closing dates and procedures for registering on courses in General Studies. You will find details in the University’s Course Catalog.

All the General Studies offerings in Faculty 11 begin with the Course Catalog Number (VAK): 11-GS... As soon as these offerings appear on the course page "General Studies and Core Qualifications in FB 11 it is possible to register via stud.IP. Due to very high demand, the only exception to this is the course in moderation “Interpersonal Evaluation”; see the Course Catalog for registration dates. 

In the event you wish to take a course offered in another Faculty that is neither listed under Open General Studies nor expressly described as ‘open’, it is necessary to clarify with a member of the teaching faculty whether you may take part as an external and be awarded credits.

It is not possible to register with Pabo for examinations in General Studies. The respective member of teaching faculty has to do this by personally entering your name on the list of examinees.

Attestation of Credit Points Awarded in General Studies

As a rule, credit points awarded in the area of General Studies are attested via a certificate with the title "Nachweis über den Erwerb von Credit Points im Wahlpflichtbereich/General Studies/Schlüsselqualifikation" - GS-Schein for short (English: Certificate of credit points awarded in electives/General Studies/key competences). The certificate can be accessed on the right-hand side of this page and in Pabo. It must be filled in online, printed out and signed by the member of teaching faculty who led the course. It must then receive an officialstamp from the Faculty offering the course. For example, if you have attended a course in sociology, you must have the certificate stamped by Faculty 8! The grade recorded on the certificate cannot appear in Pabo until you have handed the certificate in to the Central Examinations Office. In Pabo, the date the certificate is signed counts as the date the CPs were awarded.

The course work can be either graded or not. Graded course work is weighted as CPs in your final grade. Thus, if your course work is graded by member of the teaching faculty( i.e. when the grade appears on your credit certificate), it will be recorded as such. 

All course work performed for credits in the area of General Studies (i.e. according to the CPs foreseen in the examination regulations) is entered as CPs (with a mark, depending on the respective examination regulations) in the so-called Beilage zum Zeugnis (Appendix to Degree Certificate). In the event you are awarded more credit points in General Studies than foreseen in the examination regulations (see below), these will be entered as Freiwillige Zusatzleistungen (voluntary extra course work) and do not count towards your final mark. As you are not intended to achieve more than 180 CPs in bachelor’s studies, the voluntary extra course work is only shown in your degree certificate with a mark and not with CPs.

N.B.: Once the marks/CPs have been recorded by the Central Examinations Office they cannot be deleted! The Central Examinations Office therefore recommends that you first collect such credit certificates and don’t hand them in until towards the end of your studies.

For more information go to:

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Field-related Conditions

Students have to obtain a total of 6 CPs in the modules M 17 A. This is a thematically open module, i.e. students are free to choose from any of the courses offered at the University of Bremen. In principle, all the seminars, courses and lectures which are listed in the University’s Course Catalog with a so-called VAK number and carry CPs can be recognized in this module. Rather, students must obtain an accordant credit certificate which must then be submitted to the Central Examinations Office.

The Bachelor’s Examination Office allows that the 6 CPs may be obtained in different course areas (also 6 x 1 CP). Some members of the teaching faculty, however, recommend acquiring all 6 CPs in one particular field since later the General Studies courses are listed in the Degree Certificate and as single majors may be confused with minor subjects or a specialty (in another subject).

In this study program, only students studying for a single subject major (and not those studying for a specialty) have to obtain 12 CPs in Module 65 (Open General Studies). The regulations concerning recognition are contained in the information sheet on this page and on the Pabo page of the study program. Students studying for a specialty do not have to take Module 65. 


Students studying in the core area "Expertise in Clinical Nursing/Nursing Science" have to acquire 9 CPs from offerings in non-subject-specific General Studies, or cross-disciplinary courses, or Faculty 11 General Studies.

Students studying in this master’s programs must also acquire 9 CP in the Compulsory Module 8 - General Studies.

Students studying in this master’s programs must also acquire 9 CP in the Compulsory Module 8 - General Studies.

Students studying in this master’s programs must also acquire 9 CP in the Compulsory Module 8 - General Studies.

Students studying in this master’s programs must also acquire 4,5 CP in the Compulsory Module 8 - General Studies. The other 4,5 CPs are specified.



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