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Infothek: Learning Module, Literature, Useful Tips

In our Infothek you will find learning modules on different topics, numerous references in our collection of online links and useful literature, various forms as well as specimens, and information on career orientation via the virtual Stud.IP event "" (see below). The links and literature collection is sorted according to topic. Using key words, it is easy to filter and search with. Browse through the materials there and choose the modules you want to work through.


  • Learning modules
  • Videos
  • Literature and links collection
  • Literature and links administraion for your studies 

Our offer in the virtual Stud.IP event “”

Among other things, in the virtual Stud.IP event "" you will find forms, specimen job applications, and lots of other information. Register for the event so you will be able to access the many offers.

  1. Register in Stud.IP under 
  2. Enter "praxis-community" in the window "event search" upper right beside the magnifying glass and confirm.
  3. Then select the event "" in the search results further below.
  4. Now you can register under "actions" and "register for the event here".

Once you have completed your registration you will immediately receive email confirmation.

You can find the downloads under "files". More information about the Stud.IP event is contained in our