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Edited Volume

The volume presents international perspectives on transnationality, schools and teacher education. The aim of the volume is to critically discuss the appropriateness of the restriction to the national orientation of schools and teacher education in the face of increasing migration and transnationality. The contributions to the volume provide ideas from international teacher education research as well as from school pedagogical practice in different national contexts namely Austria, Canada, Chile, Greece, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey, UK or USA. They all have in common that they are concerned with the question of which empirical and theoretical approaches are suitable to describe the phenomena of pedagogical-professional dealing with migration-related and transnational demands on the school found in the field of school and teacher education. The focus is not primarily on migrants and their migration paths, actions or attitudes, but on the global contexts of reference and interconnections - embedded in their specific national and global social power and hierarchical relationships - as well as the country-specific and cross-country structural and contextual conditions of schools and teacher education. These affect all school actors.

The edited volume is available as a pre-print publication online open access, funded by Stiftung Mercator. Publication by Springer VS is planned for September 2021. Please cite as:

Heidrich, L.; Karakaşoğlu, Y.; Mecheril, P.; Shure, S. (eds.) (in press). Regimes of Belonging – Schools – Migrations. Teaching in (Trans)National Constellations. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

The editors of the volume are:

Lydia Heidrich, University of Bremen

Prof. Dr. Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, University of Bremen

Prof. Dr. Paul Mecheril, Bielefeld University

Dr. Saphira Shure, Bielefeld University


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