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Welcome to the Homepage of the Working Group: “Early Childhood and Primary School Education”!

The core fields of our activities are:


The ability to reflect on schools, day care facilities, learning, teaching, and children’s development processes with critical distance is one of the main preconditions for professional teaching and education. We support our students in their development of a professional and reflective habitus through discursive analyses of scientific theories, research knowledge, and their own subjective theories. Researchorientated learning also plays an important role in our teaching. Students are given the possibility to do their own accompanied research projects relevant to their future occupations. Students are meant to develop a researchorientated learning attitude as well as an analytic distance, empowering them to initiate, accompany, support, and evaluate learning processes on an empirical base in the future. In the field of research, we are working to differentiate questions about professionalization.

Pedagogy of Early Childhood and Primary School/ Research on Learning Processes

Our own research projects, as well as the the critical examinations of international research findings on early childhood and classroom teachings, represent our constant efforts to infer evident consequences of pedagogical and didactical acting in kindergartens and primary schools. Central to our interests are didactical models and concepts that support active constructions of knowledge as well as elementary and basic education. The connectivity of children’s education processes, regarding their transition from kindergarten to primary to secondary schoolings, is one of our main issues in research and teaching. One important question we work with is; how can children’s learning processes be arranged, accompanied, and valuated under the precondition of diversity and today’s pluralistic society.

Action Research and Transfer of Findings and Knowledge

Our research on learning processes as well as the development of educational institutions aim to improve the development and learning possibilities in early childhood education and classroom teaching. We place value in the relevance of our research for practitioners. Because of this, we are very interested in the intellectual exchange of teachers and pedagogical workers.

We greatly value getting into contact with international scientists as well as researchers and practitioners in the field of early childhood and primary school education. This enables us to exchange ideas and findings, broaden our knowledge of other perspectives, and pursue joint research projects. If interested in our work and/or further collaboration, please feel free to contact us. At the moment we have persons speaking English, Spanish, French, Macedonian and Serbian in our team.