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Offerings for schools

The FreiEx School Lab is based on the pilot scheme Chemicals Management at schools in Bremen. This School Lab was set up to improve safety at schools and to implement Chemicals Management in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. more (in German)»





Nowadays there is less and less opportunity for experiments in school chemistry classes, especially such as can be conducted by the pupils themselves. The School Lab Chemistry therefore helps to fill the gap by offering a program of experiments on various themes for school classes.

In good time before the experiment series starts, the school teachers supply their pupils with comprehensive materials to prepare the class. Once inside the laboratory at the University, the pupils are looked after by researchers and students belonging to the study program Chemistry. more (in German) »

The work group “Biodidactics” in FB2 initiated a project called Backstage Science.

High-school teachers supported by university teachers in the area of life sciences meet to develop teaching modules for senior high-school students. These modules are offered to high-school teachers and their students. The goal is to promote science communication between the University and Bremen schools. more (in German) »

The Bremen/Oldenburg in-service teacher training center (Lehrerfortbildungszentrums Bremen/Oldenburg) offers comprehensive, practice-oriented courses of further education for chemistry teaching from general knowledge classes in elementary school to senior high school level. more (in German) »