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Academic Teaching Committee

Tasks (pursuant to resolution passed by the Faculty Council dated 2.4.2014)

  • Verification and adoption of courses taking place during a semester or over several semesters
  • Strategic planning to ensure that courses take place
  • Preparation of draft proposals for improving and further developing course offerings
  • Recommendations for appointment of adjunct lecturers
  • Formal scrutiny and adoption of module descriptions
  • Opinions on drafts of study and examination regulations
  • Recommendations for engaging research assistants to teach in courses
  • Recommendations for expenditures related to teaching courses (study accounts, funding of excursions, miscellaneous costs)


Academic Teaching Committee Biology 
ChairpersonProf. Uwe Nehls
OfficeSylvia Köhler
Academic Teaching Committee Chemistry 
ChairpersonProf. Jens Beckmann
OfficeSigrid Eggerichs