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Module Descriptions Bachelor Biology

List of modules in Bachelor Biology (full major and teacher education)

Specialty modules: PM1 modules

PM1 modules

The offer of PM1 modules changes from year to year. Other module descriptions may also be available.

Specialty modules: PM2, PM3, PM4 modules

PM 2-4 Mar (Modules of the Specialty Studies Marine Biology)

PM 2-4 Mol (Modules of the Specialty Studies Molecular Bioscienes)

PM 2-4 Neuro (Modules of the Specialty Studies NeuroBiology)

PM 2-4 Öko (Modules of the Specialty Studies Ecology)

General Studies (GS) Modules

The range of GS modules varies each year. Other module descriptions may also be available.

Didactics of Biology

Notes on the module descriptions

The list contains updated module descriptions (the file name contains the month and year last updated). Descriptions are for the most part also available in English. The files are not listed accorded to study programs. The module descriptions can be downloaded.

The following applies to all practicals:

Practicals develop students’ practical and methodology competences. These competences can only be acquired if students attend the respective offers. Attendance of the practicals is therefore compulsory. Students are informed of the precise details at the beginning of the practical.

Students are expected to be adequately prepared for the topics dealt with on course days. Details of how students should prepare themselves will be provided in good time before the beginning of the course.

PM1 modules:

A requirement is regular attendance. This is because the courses often take the form of seminars for small groups and continuity can only be ensured on the basis of regular attendance, which is therefore compulsory.