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Recognition of credits obtained in previous studies

Students who move to Bremen from another university where they studied the same subject or, under certain conditions, maybe a related subject can apply to have the credits awarded there recognized for present studies – provided our examinations regulations allow this.

If you wish to do this, you must submit an accordant application. For this, you will need a transcript of studies noting the CPs and grades entered on the original and, if possible, the descriptions of the module descriptions of modules you completed, or similar certification of contents. Please also make copies of individual course work (attestations) and certificates and bring them with you so we can compare them with the originals.

For recognition of credits obtained in Biology, please make an appointment with the Studienbüro: for recognition of credits obtained in Chemistry, you should contact Dr. Tobias Borrmann. Your application will then be forwarded to the respective examination board.

Applications for recognition of credits have to be approved by the chairperson of the examination board in question. You will subsequently receive notification that your application has been approved from the Studienbüro (Biology) or the Examinations Office (Chemistry), Examinations Office enters the recognized modules in your PABO account (Examinations Office Bremen Online).

Be sure to submit such applications as soon as possible after receiving your study place so no time is lost planning your further studies!

Please note: Because you already studied for a full semester at another university and the modules you studied there are recognized does not necessarily mean that these modules fall in 1st semester major studies in Bremen. Therefore, it could be that here in FB 2 your study schedule will differ from the specimen study schedule. Contact the Studienbüro if you have any questions in this regard.

Recognition of credits obtained from a student exchange abroad

If you are planning a stay abroad, you can most probably have the credits you obtain there recognized in FB 2. In the case of the ERASMUS exchange program, this follows a fixed procedure. For each stay abroad, you should first enter into a so-called Learning Agreement. Such an agreement is binding and ensures that your achievements at a foreign university will be recognized. Following your return to Germany, you must then submit a formal application for recognition to the faculty commissary responsible


Contact persons Biology

Dr. Ute Meyer
Corinna Müller-Wiegmann

Studienbüro FB2
NW2 A 1030
phone: +49 421 218 62810

Contact person Chemistry

Dr. Tobias Borrmann

NW2 B 1230
phone: +49 421 218 62813