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"Coming in" with ERASMUS

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    Welcome to the Faculty Biology/Chemistry at the University of Bremen!

    Here you will find information about our courses and how to organize your stay in FB2.

ERASMUS representative FB2

Dr. Ute Meyer

Studienbüro FB2
Room NW2 A 1030

erasmusfb2protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
phone +49 (0) 421 218 62810

Course offer

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Courses in Bachelor's programs (GERMAN)

Incoming ERASMUS students can choose:

There is no overlap between courses offered in one semester, however Speciality Modules (Profilmodule) of different specialities (Profile) do overlap. If you want to study courses offered in different semesters or Specialities (Profile), please contact us for support.

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Courses in Master‘s Chemistry (taught in German)

You can attend courses in the master’s chemistry program if you

  • have already graduated from a bachelor’s program in Chemistry /Biochemistry/ or Biotechnology and
  • have German language skills equivalent to B2
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Courses in Master's Biology (taught in English)

Exchange students at master’s level and sometimes advanced bachelor's level can attend courses in:

By arrangement, it may also be possible to attend some of the courses offered on our Master of Science program:





During your exchange studies with us you take part in modules and module examinations.
You CANNOT register for examinations online.

Please do this personally with

  • Bachelor: The Examinations Office Biology (Sylvia Köhler) or Chemistry (Frauke Ernst)
  • Master: Your course leader

When you pass an examination, you should obtain a credit certificate: In German, this is called a Schein (see downloads on right-hand side).

All your qualifications and CPs are listed in a "Transcript of records", which you receive at the end of your exchange studies. You should prepare the transcript electronically using the format provided (see downloads on right-hand side).
Once you have done this, please arrange an appointment with the Studienbüro.

So we can complete and issue your transcript you must

  • bring all your credit certificates (Scheine) with you and
  • email us the prepared transcript.

In the event you have to leave Bremen before collecting all your credit certificates, don’t forget to ask the course leader(s) to send the credit certificates to us.