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25th International Bremen Film Conference, May 6 – 9, 2020

Mind/Screens: Mental Illness and Film

We are terribly sorry to announce that the 25th International Bremen Film Conference must be cancelled due to the current unpredictable covid-19 lockdown. We will keep you informed about future possibilities of postponement of the conference.

On its 25th anniversary, the Symposium commits itself to one of the cinema’s longstanding companions: mental illness has accompanied the medium ever since, supplied it with motifs, helped shaping it, and contributed to the further development of its means of expressions and theories.

Determined by the clinical disciplines by means of delimitation, pathologization and external description, mental illness can be re-thought through film’s aesthetic perspectives, made tangible and considered within a variety of contexts.

Mental illness defies representation and is thus posing a fundamental challenge for films. In contrast to organic diseases, the importance of mental illness lies in the inversion of the typically inherent finity topos, given its often seemingly continuous ceaselessness. Instead of symptomatic descriptions, filmic portrayals of mental illness therefore deal with key experiences of the crisis which also reflect upon social problems.

As a result, there is a different, yet-to-fathom relation to time, space and also to the body—in the own experience as on screen. Thus, it is not only the head that can be considered the central place where mental illness occurs and develops its effectiveness, but also the cinema.

With international experts and filmmakers, the Symposium aims to explore how clinical and social discourses of mental illness are negotiated in film and how cinema can articulate the aesthetics of mental illness. Here the focus is on the means of cinema to generate its own, media-specific order of illness portrayals, further on the relationship between the sick and the therapists as a central medical setting, as well as on the multi-dimensionality of illness representations.

The Symposium addresses a film-interested general audience and professional guests, closely interlinking public talks, film screenings and q&a discussions. It is a long-term cooperation between the CITY 46 / Kommunalkino Bremen e.V., the AG Film Studies / FB 9 Cultural Studies and the AG Latin American History / FB 8 Social Sciences, two ZeMKI institutions, and is funded by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/ Bremen mbH and the German Research Foundation DFG.


Postkarte Kopfkino


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

6 pm: Film zu Vortrag 1
   | Deborah Hoffmann, USA 1994, 44 Min., OmU

7 pm: Begrüßung und Vortrag 1
Ein Selbst im Fluss
   | Robin Curtis, Freiburg i.Br.

8:30 pm: Film zu Vortrag 1
   | Schleichendes Vergessen, Alan Berliner, USA 2012, 78 Min., OmU
   | mit Einführung von Robin Curtis

Thursday, May 7, 2020

10 am: Forum 1 – Kino-Pathologien

10 am: Von Waking Life über A Scanner Darkly bis hin zu Undone: Die Tricktechnik der Rotoskopie als Visualisierung von psychischen Störungen?
   | Markus Kügle, Mannheim

10:45 am: Drogenwahn – Zur filmischen Ästhetik der Psychose in David Cronenbergs Naked Lunch (1991) und eXistenZ (1999)
   | Lars Nowak, Erlangen-Nürnberg/Berlin

11:40 am: Syndrome & ein Jahrhundert. Pathogenealogien des Kinos
   | Daniel Eschkötter, Bielefeld

12:30 pm: A Complex Narrative for a Complex Mind: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Illness Narratives in Film
   | Melanie Kreitler, Gießen
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

2:30 pm: Film zu Forum 1
   | Rak ti Khon Kaen, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, TH/GB/F/MYA 2015, 122 Min., OmU
   | mit Einführung von Daniel Eschkötter

4:30 pm: Vortrag 2
"Warts and All“: Film, Ethics and Human Frailty
   | Michele Aaron, Warwick
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

8 pm: Film zu Forum 1
   | Vals Im Bashir, Ari Folman, ISR/F/D 2008, 90 Min., OmU
   | mit Einführung von Markus Kügle

Friday, May 8, 2020

10 am: Forum 2 – Medical Encounters

10 am:„Als ob man aus der Realität heraustritt“: Filmen als selbsttherapeutisches Verfahren bei psychischer Erkrankung
   | Britta Hartmann / Janin Tscheschel, Bonn

10:45 am: Salutogenese durch Film
   | Silke Hilgers, Berlin

11:40 am: "Where is my mind?“ Therapie als serielle Verhandlung von in/sanity in Mr. Robot
   | Melanie Mika, Frankfurt a.M./Tübingen

12:30 pm:Personal Geographies and Social Registration of Psychiatric Patients: Institutional Medical Cinema’s Viewpoint (1970s–1980s)
   | Christian Bonah / Joël Danet, Straßbourg
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

2:30 pm: Film zu Forum 2
   | Gespräche mit verrückten Frauen, Allie Light, USA 1994, 90 Min., OmU
   | mit Einführung von Britta Hartmann / Janin Tscheschel

4:15 pm: Vortrag 3
Cinemania: Madness and the Moving Image
   | W.J.T. Mitchell, Chicago
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

8 pm: Film zu Forum 3
   | Jessica Hausner, A/GB/D 2020, 105 Min., OmU
   | mit Einführung von Sabrina Gärtner und anschließendem Publikumsgespräch

10:30 pm: Film zu Forum 1
   | David Cronenberg, CDN/USA 1991, 115 Min, Om

Saturday, May 9, 2020

10 am: Forum 3 – Krankheit figurieren

10 am: Kassandra auf Psychopharmaka. Zur Inszenierung einer psychisch Erkrankten in Jessica Hausners Little Joe
   | Sabrina Gärtner, Klagenfurt

10:45 am: Eine gute Dosis Heilsversprechen: Love & Other Drugs
   | Insa Härtel, Berlin

11:40 am: Going beyond the Evil? – Cinematic Portrayals of Mental Health
   | Petra Anders, Erlangen-Nürnberg
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

12:30 pm: "Crazy Cat Lady“ in Film and Series
   | Nataša Pivec, Ljubljana
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

2:30 pm: Film zu Forum 3
   | Jonathan Caouette, USA 2003, 88 Min., OmU
   | mit Einführung von Christine Rüffert

4:30 pm: Kuratorengespräch
Moving Images: Family, Loss and First-Person Documentary
   | Richard Warden, Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival / Document Human Rights Film Festival Glasgow
   | mit Gast: Theresa Moerman Ib, Glasgow
   | Vortrag in engl. Sprache

8 pm: Film
   | Kurutta Ippeiji, Teinosuke Kinugasa, J 1926/1972, 60 Min., OV
   | mit Live-Musikbegleitung von David Eßer, Hamburg 
mit Einführung von Tobias Dietrich

10:30 pm: Film zu Forum 3
   | Uhrwerk Orange, Stanley Kubrick, USA/GB 1971, 136 Min., OmU

Date and Venue

6th–9th May 2019
CITY 46 | Kommunalkino Bremen


Kira Reichel
Tel. 0049 421 95799290
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