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The Schoolof Cinema is a place for film mediation. On offer are paedagogical workshops and academic seminars which are accompanied by film screening at the cinema. Partners of the cooperation are the Department 9, University of Bremen / Workgroup Film and Media Aesthetics as well as the Communal Cinema / CITY 46. Shows are open to anyone interested, either on a continuous basis or for singular programmes.

School of Vision

The seminar focusses on fundamental aspects of filmaesthetics. Referencing film stills and excerpts from film history the seminar tries to uncover what film and what cinema is.


The label film:art covers programmes of  "artistic" films, mainly experimental works, avant-garde films and forms of media art. see all film:art-Events

Film Programmes

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City 46

Clive Holden: Trains of Winnipeg - film + talk

film:art 28

Der kanadische Künstler, Schriftsteller und Filmemacher Clive Holden benutzt in seinen Arbeiten verschiedene visuelle künstlerische Medien, für deren Zusammenklang er sich interessiert. Das 2002 begonnene intermedia art project »Trains of Winnipeg« hat in mehreren Jahren inzwischen eine website, eine Audio CD, ein Buch und einen Zyklus von 14 filmischen Gedichten in gesamter Spielfilmlänge hervorgebracht, der sowohl in Kinos wie in Galerien gezeigt wird.

Im Anschluss an die Projektion seines  Filmgedichts »Trains of Winnipeg« stellt Clive Holden den Prozess und Subtext seiner intermedialen Kunstproduktion vor.

Fr. 30.6.2006 | 20.30Uhr im Kino 46  mit Clive Holden

»Central to the project has been an exploration of, and experimentation in, the spaces between some of art's many genres and ‘subcultures’ – with the aim of challenging the assumptions of each, and with the whole benefiting from the resulting tension. Avant garde/experimental film, video art, media art, sound art, spoken, concrete, neo-modernist and lyrical poetry, post-punk rock and web culture. What will we see when traveling between these closely-related but distinct worlds?« (Clive Holden)