Projects in the Geochemistry & Hydrogeology research group

Research interests

Of the many different components that are important in the global ecosystem, water is the most important. The role of water is twofold. On the one hand, the water molecule (H2O) is the basis for (almost) all life and, on the other hand, substances dissolved in water are capable of enabling, changing or terminating life. In the broadest sense, our research interest is in the interactions between water and rock and the cycles of the elements in the Earth system. Of particular interest are: (1) environmental studies in the field of sustainable water quality, (2) origin, transport and behavior of pollutants in natural and anthropogenic systems, and (3) hydrothermal systems.


Working areas

Hydrothermal systems in shallow seas and mid-ocean ridges. Any geographic region with elevated levels of contaminants in soil or surface and groundwater. Groundwater investigations from laboratory scale to the level of river catchment areas.
Studies on the release of nutrients and pollutants from sediments, soils and construction products supported by appropriate modeling. Nature and transport of sediments in harbors and estuaries. Recycling concepts and technologies for contaminated sediments


Selection of current and past projects

Foto auf dem ein Schwerelot vom FS Polarstern zu Wasser gelassen wird
Foto auf dem ein Schwerelot vom FS Polarstern zu Wasser gelassen wird