Juri Reich

Porträt von Juri Reich

Research field:

  1. Decision-making in global supply chain networks
  2. Network decision support systems (DSSS) in global supply chains

Juri Reich

Juri Reich was a PhD student at the Vienna University of Economics (Department of Global Business and Trade) and University of Bremen (Professorship for Global Supply Chain Management). His research focused on decision-making in global supply chain networks – more precisely, on how to merge mathematical optimization models with qualitative information. The purpose was to design cross-border supply chains based on trade-offs between conflicting goals.


Previous to his doctoral studies, Juri Reich graduated from the cand.merc. Supply Chain Management program and the CEMS master in management program at the Copenhagen Business School in 2015.

Selected publications

Reich, J., Kinra, A. and Kotzab, H., 2019. / Strategic Decision-Making in Global Supply Chain Network Design – How a Decision Support System Combining MILP and AHP on a Pareto Front Can Alleviate Decision-Making.
In: Paper presented at IFAC MIM Conference, Berlin, 2019.


Reich, J., Wakolbinger, T. and Kinra, A., 2018. / Decision support systems for global service network design.
In: Paper presented at RESER Conference, Gothenburg, 2018.


Reich, J., Kinra, A. and Kotzab, H., 2016. / A review of decision support models for global distribution network design and future model development.
In: Paper presented at 5th World Conference on Production and Operations Management. P&OM 2016, 2016.