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The research profile of the department in global supply chain management has a focus on complexity, barriers and value in cross-border supply chains. The research is largely built upon expertise within the assessment and evaluation problems in global supply chain decisions and the methods, tools and techniques that can be employed for measuring complexities, risks and performance-oriented decisions, especially in relation to logistics and transportation systems.

The research is empirically relevant because of the market conditions stemming from increased globalisation, added complexity and escalating logistics costs. The research is interdisciplinary and is theoretically interesting because it questions the existing way in which spatial transactions costs are measured in theory, and the role of logistics and transportation costs in these measurements.


The professorship’s vision for developing research at the Uni Bremen centres around the following three theoretically relevant areas:

  • Evaluation approaches for complexity, risk and performance assessment in global supply chain
  • Usage and adoption of spatial friction reducing information and transportation technologies for global supply chain management
  • Global supply chain strategy and structure